Congratulations to our government and people of Sierra Leone

By Thorlu Bangura :


It has been a long time since we have received very good news from Sierra Leone.

The Ebola crises that ravaged our sub-region caught our government, of Sierra Leone, by surprise. The Ebola disease was not known in our sub-region, panic and confusion ensude. It is within this atmosphia of chaos that our government went through a very steep learning curve. There was no patience, which is very understandable,. A government and people ill prepared tried to use their baby legs that are not yet strong enough to carry their weights. We all made assumptions some right and some wrong. The results so far are proving positive.


I want to offer my condolences to our first responders who perished, as they rallied to protect the general population. The medical doctors, the nurses, the sanitation workers and other anciliary workers whom we lost to this very deadly diesease called Ebola. They made the ultimate so others can live. Talk of the unsung heros I hope our nation remember them by establishing a special holiday, NATIONAL THANKS GIVING DAY. We will use this holiday to pray for all those who died, and to thank god for those that are spared. This holiday will also give use the opportinuty to tell children yet unborn about those we lost against Ebola.

Let me now take this opportunity to thank President E. B. Koroma, for ending this deadly Ebola. I know that it has not been easy on you and your family, but all is well that ends well. Once again I congratulate you as you bring the Ebola epidemic to an end.

The paramount chiefs were under a tremendous pressure to contain this silent death, and they rose to the challenge. The paramount chiefs did examplary jobs both in containing their chiefdoms’ populations and deseminating crucial information that saved a lot of lives. Our nation owes you a debt of gratitude. The police, army, various citizen groups and political parties, made great contributions to help educate the general population. Special thanks to the chairman of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP0, for his selfless scrifice to help mobilize the public. A special thanks to the British government. They have yet to fail us; they came to help during the war, and came again in the Ebola crises Thanks to the World Health Organization, the French, with medicine without boarders, the Chinese, Cuban teams, the African Unity teams and all the other nations that came to help.

The responses from Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora was relentless. You rose up to help in all types of ways. I can seat here and write till the cows come home to sing your praises. Pleases, the respect and love that I have for you cannot be explained in words.”There is  not art to read the mind’s construction on the face,” so thank you,  noble citizens,  for all you have done and continue to do for our realm of the free, Sierra Leone.

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