Don’t play politics with international financial institutions

Titus Boye-Thompson, Communications Consultant

When Dr Samura Kamara warned opposition politicians to stop playing politics with the international financial institutions, he was speaking from a depth of understanding of how these institutions work.

The Sierra Leone economy like many others in the world is reactive to rumour mongering and the prospect of crisis. In a season of political tension, some political parties who tend to speak above their height may want to muzzle the international financial system as if there is a prospect for regime change. In such circumstances, the veracity of such prospects may not be tested but the wisp of crisis tends to take a state closer to fragility.


It is lamentable that while Sierra Lone enjoys a pragmatic and reassuring relationship with the international financial institutions, their preoccupation has always been to forestall any risk and to guard against any impending situation of state failure. Suffice it to say that Sierra Leone is not in any way near a fragile or failed state. However, the words of certain politicians are irresponsible enough to create a semblance of chaos and instability.

It is therefore a self-defeating game to start playing politics with these institutions or otherwise misconstruing the pragmatic relationship between them and the government. The international financial institutions have benchmarks and set agendas for the programs that they monitor. Their methodologies are known in detail to only those who have worked within their system. So its fair warning from Dr Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara, don’t play politics with them, “if you want to know how they operate, ask me and I will teach you.” Firm but fair warning indeed!!

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