Elections-related violent incidents ‘constitute an early warning sign that should not be swept under the carpet’ –NCD



It has come to the notice of the Management of the National Commission for Democracy (NCD) that bye-election campaign in Constituency 110, the Western Rural District, on the evening of Monday, July 29, 2019, turned violent with vehicles torched, houses pelted with stones and many people sustained injuries on account of the alleged clashes between supporters of the APC and the SLPP.

Also, the Management of NCD is cognizant of the fact that some arrests have been made by the Sierra Leone Police as investigations are ongoing on the election related violence coupled with the fact that all campaigns relating to the bye-elections have been suspended till further notice under the auspices of the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) in consultation with the Office of National Security (ONS) and in collaboration with the National Electoral Commission (NEC).

In view of the prevailing situation, the Management of NCD is calling for calm in the immediate environs of Constituency 110 and the rest of the Country with the reminder that nobody should take the law into their own hands, but should rather allow peace to prevail and not make elections a do or die affair, bearing in mind that the peace and tranquility of Sierra Leone is far more important than the political ambition of any individual or group in the State.

Having said that, the Management of NCD is mindful of the fact that the incident of Monday, July 29, 2019, and like other violent incidents in elections across the Country, constitute an early warning sign that should not be swept under the carpet, but should be dealt with as the precursor to the looming dangers in our elections of 2023 and to ensure that as a nation, we deploy lasting mechanisms to avoid further bloody showdowns in our elections not forgetting that too many lives and properties have already been lost to the electoral process in the Country.

In the given circumstances, the Management of NCD is calling for more support to embark on sustained civic engagement with a focus on voter education, political education, peace education, and education in democracy as we strive to reduce political tension in the Country with a focus on Constituency 110 in the Western Rural District and not forgetting Constituency 040 in the Falaba District in the Northern Region as another hotspot and make our communities more peaceful and politically literate bearing in mind the good values and virtues of democratic good governance.

In conclusion, the Management of NCD is calling on all to put the interest of the nation above all else and live with a good conscience in pursuit of the Objectives of the State even as they are in line with a heightened sense of political tolerance as we strive to acquire the key principles of a democratic culture that is in line with best practice.

Long Live Political Tolerance!
Say No to Political Violence!
Long Live a Peaceful, United and Cohesive Sierra Leone!


Note that NCD is the statutory body set up by Act No. 3 of 1996 to promote democratic good governance through constitutionality with room for reminding citizens about their rights and responsibilities as contained in the Constitution of Sierra Leone, Act No. 6 of 1991.
For further enquiries, please contact Rev. Gibrilla Kargbo, the Director of Communications and Public Relations, on +232 79 236 761 or + 232 80 295 382 or ncdemocracy@yahoo.com.

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