Elegy: A Farewell Song For A Nation’s Hero



“By the struggling moonbeam’s misty light….” (wolfe)


A Franciscan student kept fighting on

Beyond the enclosed mission walls

He would heed the call, unafraid to fall

To brave a cause, and sacrifice all


What ultimate gift to all mankind

A martyr, a soldier, too hard to find

To give it all in times like this

A greater soul will be surely missed


Adieu my brother, you are now a star

A father’s son, a country’s pride

You answered the voice, a daunting task

You battled on to your very last


May Allah receive you with open arms

To continue your work beyond the clouds

We won’t forget, we will not fret

We will win this, though a void you left


Every Shawwal we will commemorate you

We will lay a wreath only reserved for few

A legacy enshrined and a braveheart cast

In Flanders Field a blazing comet’s passed


Mahera is proud to own this man

But a country’s heart he took in strides

Farewell soldier, take your final bow

For you will always remain our khan


-Ahmed Koroma


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