Inaugural Speech by Alimamy Turay, President, APC New Jersey

Last Saturday, the new executive of the All People’s Congress ( APC ) New Jersey Chapter was sworn into office during a grand Inaugural Program held at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Somerset, New Jersey. 

We bring you the inaugural speech by the President of the Chapter, Mr. Alimamy Turay


Inaugural Speech given by Mr. Alimamy Turay, President, APC New Jersey

On behalf of the APC NJ family, may I greet and welcome you all to the APC New Jersey Executive Inaugural ceremony. Please permit me to acknowledge few individuals and organizations in our midst.
Hon. Madina Rahman, Hon. MP, Mr. Albert Deen-Kamara, Amb. Rev. Wilfred Leeroy Kabs-Kanu, Hon. Isata Kabia, who was unavoidably absent, Interim Chairman, Mr. Ibrahim S. Kamara, and the APC USA Executive, Chapter Presidents, APC NJ Ex-Presidents, APC NJ Foundation members and Advisers, APC USA Women and Youth Wings, Former APC NA Chairmen, The Inaugural Committee Chairman, Mr. Donald Cline-Thomas, Mr. Joseph Kamara and the J-Team, Mr. Unisa Kanu and the UNIMAT Team, Mr. Ahmed Kanu and team, Members of SLPP and other Political Parties, TLOCI Family, Muslim Jamats, SLCNJ, other Community Based organizations, Mayor Dr. Phil Kramer and Council Members, family members, friends, our Patrons, the event promoters, my one and only one wife, Mrs. Mariatu Turay, The Holiday Inn Hotel Management, and distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, that you for coming. I also want to appreciate the work of Late, Mohamed Aziz Nabe, Late Shekou Dauda Bangura, Late Brima Bangura and Late Ashmed Barrie. We will continue to miss them, and may their souls rest in perfect peace!

I am delighted, very humbled and honored by the trust the APC New Jersey family has bestowed upon me to serve them as their political leader in this great state. I have the strong conviction that together we can make great difference in this state, and make APC NJ a shining example in the United States of America.

Members of the high table and distinguished ladies and gentlemen,
By the Grace of God Almighty and for the confidence the APC New Jersey members have in me, and together with their support, I will do anything to make us succeed as a vibrant chapter, and make the APC Party continue to be victorious in elections in Sierra Leone. I also have the belief that, as a strong political party, we will achieve a lot in the years ahead in advancing the core values and principles of the APC party for the betterment of our people in Sierra Leone.

Mr. Interim Chairman and distinguished guests,
Certainly, APC New Jersey will continue to work in partnership with the APC USA and the APC party as a whole in ensuring that:
1. We recruit more members for the party. When I took over the leadership of APC New Jersey in November 2015, we set our goal of increasing membership by 50% in 2016. As of today, I am happy to announce that we have exceeded this goal by 100% within 5 months in office.
2. We raise funds for our chapter and the APC party. This will be an ongoing effort.
3. We increase the momentum for the party, and not to be derailed by any unexpected stops.
4. We contribute in the winning of elections for our party and its candidates.
5. We increase the unity and participation of women and youth in our chapter.
6. We support and produce leaders for our party and country.
7. We make our party more attractive in New Jersey and other states.

Briefly, we will achieve these goals by fostering a vibrant relationship with our members and the APC party by ensuring that we operate in accordance with the APC party constitution and APC U.S.A bylaws. Additionally, my administration will ensure that the principles of transparency and accountability are practiced in the operations of APC New Jersey. This will increase the confidence members have for my administration and make a great difference for the APC party in our communities.

Mr. Interim Chairman and Distinguished guests:
The APC party has a history of winning elections and bringing development in Sierra Leone; the evidences are there. You will agree with me that the focus of the APC led government under the unique Leadership of H.E. Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma is to bring tangible benefits, which will result to improved livelihoods for all, and contribute to achieving sustainable socio-economic development for our country. In order to experience these benefits and make the APC continue to win elections in Sierra Leone, it will be the responsibility of the APC party leadership and members to ensure that respect, recognition, friendship, dialogue, self-disciple, integrity, diversity, non-discrimination, tolerance, inclusiveness, fair-play, democracy, unity, peace, love, forgiveness, and commitment are clearly visible among ourselves. These are the values that will continue to make our party very strong. We don’t want to leave no stone unturned when it comes to strengthening of our party.

The APC party cares for the people of Sierra Leone, and it has well positioned itself to face any national challenges. The defeat of the Ebola virus disease was a typical example. Thanks and appreciations go to the government and people of Sierra Leone, our International development partners, countries, organizations for the tremendous cooperation and donations.

Also, you will agree with me that the lessons learnt from the agenda of change prepared when President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma came to power in 2017, resulted to the preparation of the agenda for prosperity, which is currently the focus of the APC led government. Certainly, this agenda will serve as the source of eradicating poverty from our country. We need to support such vision for the development of our nation.
Mr. Interim Chairman, Chapter Presidents, and APC USA members,
We have a lot to do for our party and country. Therefore, let’s cooperate amongst ourselves, let’s work together, let’s focus on the interest of our party and members, and let’s utilize this unique environment we find ourselves to engage in meaningful debates, and harness the opportunities with the resultant effect of discovering feasible solutions to the challenges our country is faced with. Together, yes it is possible for us to do so as a branch in diaspora in order to continue making significant contributions to our party and country, not only for ourselves, but for generations to come. Putting the interest of our country and party should be our top priority.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, please join me in answering the following questions:
1. Has President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma transformed Sierra Leone for good? – Yes
2. Has the APC Party contributed greatly in developing Sierra Leone? Yes
3. Is the APC Party well positioned to winning the next elections? Yes
4. Is APC USA very peaceful and united? Yes
5. Is APC New Jersey a very powerful chapter in the USA? Yes

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you a looking for a political party, if you want to win national and local government elections, if you want to practice real democracy, if you want to be an active politician, if you want to belong to the family of action, progress and commitment, the doors of the APC party are widely open to receive you.

Thank you so much for your audience.

Long live the APC party, long live Sierra Leone.

God Bless.

Faithfully written and read by

Alimamy Turay
President, APC New Jersey, U.S.A.





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