Every professional organization and civil society have been compromised by Bioism and tribalism in Sierra Leone


By Kabs Kanu


Maada Bio has WEAPONIZED every organization in Sierra Leone .

Since the presidential guards at State Lodge brutalized the Secretary General of the opposition APC, Lawyer Lansana Dumbuya, we have not heard any condemnation from the professional organizations like the Sierra Leone Bar Association, Sierra Leone Association of Journalists , civil society , the university lecturers association or the Labour Congress .

The reason is simple. The presidential security guards belong to a tribe that has now hijacked all these organizations .

APC and Sierra Leoneans too really went to sleep. Where were they when one tribe in Sierra Leone hijacked the media, even BBC, Civil Society , the Bar Association, the Elections Commission etc. ? Oose kind Rip Van Winkle sleep dat ? Una sef una nor try. Usai una bin dey ?

The APC Secretary General, his driver and personal assistant were badly beaten for driving past the Presidential Lodge during the welcoming ceremony on Wednesday for the new APC Presidential flagbearer , Dr. Samura Kamara . There is a video evidence of the incident and the presidential guards told the APC Secretary General that it was President Bio who instructed them to brutalize them.

Since the incident, there has been no condemnation from any professional institution or the Labour Congress . Since they also control social media now, the tribesmen and women of the guards have been putting up all insane defenses and denials and even doubting the video evidence.

This is a sad state of affairs in our country.

If their tribesmen were at the butt end of the brutality, the noise one would have heard from the media, the organizations, civil society etc would have deafened citizens and many people would have gone to ear doctors for treatment.

Sierra Leone is conveniently now a one-tribe nation. Tribal and ethnoregional exclusion is now ravaging the country like a plague. One tribe can now do whatever they want in Sierra Leone and get away with it. They control even the ministries, departments and agencies ( MDAs ). President Bio has employed only his tribesmen and women since he came to power .

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