Hamas urges Sierra Leone President Maada Bio to reconsider embassy decision in Jerusalem


Hamas Urges Sierra Leone to Reconsider Embassy Decision in Jerusalem

By Quadri Adejumo

24 hours ago

Hamas, a Palestinian militant movement, has called on the government of Sierra Leone to rethink its decision to establish an embassy in the Israeli-occupied city of ‘al-Quds’, also known as Jerusalem. The group appeals to Sierra Leone to show solidarity with the rights and just cause of the Palestinian people.

This request comes after Sierra Leone’s President, Julius Maada Bio, announced that his country would soon open an embassy in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem, one of the world’s oldest cities, holds significant religious importance for the three Abrahamic faiths. It is referred to as ‘al-Quds’, meaning ‘The Holy One’. The city is a subject of dispute in international law and diplomatic practice, with both Israelis and Palestinians claiming it as their capital.

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Hamas representative Abdul-Latif Qanu criticized Sierra Leone’s decision, describing it as a disregard for Palestinian rights and an endorsement of territorial occupation.

Qanu stated, “Sierra Leone’s government stance is concerning, particularly given the escalating Israeli actions against our people, lands, and sacred sites.”

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Qanu also pointed out that such a move could be seen as supporting the occupying forces and settlers in seizing more Palestinian territories, specifically in the region of al-Quds. He called on Sierra Leone to reconsider its decision and demonstrate solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

Recent reports indicate that Sierra Leone is the sixth nation expressing interest in opening an embassy in Jerusalem.

In 2018, former US President Donald Trump relocated the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a move that sparked significant criticism. Out of the 94 embassies in Israel, 89 are situated in the coastal city of Tel Aviv. Only four — belonging to Guatemala, Honduras, Kosovo, and the United States — are based in Jerusalem.

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