I can’t wait to read the Kabbah/ Berewa concession speech

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Did I hear that Kabbah and Berewa are barely on speaking terms? Tejan Kabbah and his selected lackey for the SLPP party, Solomon Berewa, are free to argue and childishly behave like sparring partners. That’s their funeral. Sierra Leone’s business is to make sure the two obsolete men do nothing jumpy to endanger the country’s newfound peace. Sierra Leone is supposed to be more important than the provincial interests of two culpable men that should have never put their gaze on the highest office of the land. Kabbah did, and as if that was not enough, he turned his innate dishonesty against the political party that brought him to power. The man stilted the political growth of the SLPP by purging every politician with the slightest popular appeal.

Well before the elections, the SLPP was an empty political shell, waiting to be crushed by a feather-weight trudge. Kabbah cared less. Eliminating those who represented leadership potentials was more crucial to the old crook than the political fortunes of the party that gave him the presidency. Kabbah are Berewa are misfits, and their petty tiffs only serve to mirror the poor presidential fibers they are! As long as they do nothing to endanger little Sierra Leone’s national security, these two men can quarrel, even fight, like sulking kids blaming each other to escape parental blame. As Sierra Leone awaits a change of presidential actors, one can only wonder whether Berewa and Kabbah are gracious enough to cobble together a well-written concession {speech} to the winner of the electoral prize. If anything, previous statements released from State House have been so laden with political flaws that one is only left to question the suitability of the ruling pretenders that got the best of an ailing country. When the names of towns in a neighbouring country are wrongly spelled in official communiques issued from State House, that is supposed to be an annoying, diplomatic faux pas. Not so with the Kabbah/Berewa State House. I hope to see a concession speech calling for peace, national unity and democratic continuance. Anything less than that should be judged seditious by the people of Sierra Leone!

Subject: This Is For Rev. KABS KANU !!!
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Due to your nature in trying to accommodate everyone and anyone, many today are failing to see your brilliance in journalism and your true contribution in keeping us more than just in a mere AWARENESS Times but with the facts and credibility…
If you can repost my posting which you reposted on your front page about the 28 people that died in that collapsed building in Freetown during the raining season, people will now see that you do and have always published a balanced report… The Awareness Times failed to mention that Ernest Koroma was there visiting the scene, and It was me that pointed out that if it were not for you, we would not have known that Ernest Koroma was there too… Cuz! All we kept hearing is Berewah doing his political cat walk on the scene, never was the footprint of Ernest Koroma… And I brought it straight up for all to see the type of journalism Awareness Times was dishing the people.
Nothing Personal But National Interest!!!

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