Is Bio afraid his statute in Port Loko will be brought down ?

By Karim Bah


I went to Port Loko to see the Statue/Bust of the President. It is amazing how our leaders like their statues/busts to be erected as soon as they become president. This reminds me of immediate past President EBK’s statue/bust around the country. There was one at Congo Cross Roundabout. Now gone.

This one in Port Loko was unveiled recently in Port Loko. Don’t really understand what Salone Presidents seek to gain by erecting statues of themselves (even if they don’t say so) when they are in power?


But what struck me most and kept me thinking about this one was the fact that President Bio’s bust was caged and padlocked. Why? What are they afraid of? Perhaps they are thinking that since Prezy Bio is not at all popular in that part of the country maybe some “terrorists” as the president refers to opposition protesters, will bring it down one day? Am sure even President Bio knows it is just a matter of time for the day he leaves office that statue will likely be brought down.

I don’t think any leader deserves to be honoured with a statue when they are still on power. This to me is an enterprise in self-gratification and megalomania.

By the way the bust is really ugly and looks more like EBK. Leave statues and honours to the future generations to come and do it. For now focus on serving the people.

Why Cage the Bust?

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