It is a big lie : APC Denies Instructing Elected Representatives to Assume Office

APC Denies Instructing Elected Representatives to Assume Office.

Sierra Leoneโ€™s main opposite party, the All Peopleโ€™s Congress (APC) party has denied Instructing it elected members during the June 24th 2023 election to Assume Office.

According to a press release from the secretariat of the APC, it was stated that a press statement is circulating claiming the APC have Instructing it elected members to assume office after holding a constructive dialogue with the United States Ambassador Bryan David Hunt.

The press release also stated that they did not author such a release adding that such fabrication is the hand work mischief making impostors.

The press release further called on all its elected representatives to be steadfast in complying with the resolutions made in Port Loko and Freetown to stand by the party policy decision not to participate in governance pending the upcoming negotiation.

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