Kao Denero and his lessons to be learnt from controversy


One thing musicians and entertainers should always avoid is controversy which Kao Denero (real name Dannis Amara Turay) has learnt from in the roughest of ways and he is paying for it in agony. The hip-hop musician invited controversy into his musical career after when he insulted, demeaned and used derogatory remarks on the leadership and members of the APC by referring to them as fools and a bunch of stupid people. His statements were unguided to say the least.

Kao Denero brought a generation of controversies to himself and his failed musical concert starting from his inability to pay RUGGED the company that should have provided sound system and decorated the stage for his gig his videos, audios and comments on social media regarding the event just aggravated the whole situation into a fiasco.



Michael Jackson’s fame waned before he died as a result of controversies that invaded the life of the pop musician the entertainer allegedly took a loan of US 10 Million from a Prince in Bahrain later a controversy ensued Michael Jackson said the Prince gave him the money as a gift whilst the Prince insisted that the cash was a loan.

Africa’s celebrated highlife musician Nico Mbarga better known as Prince Nico Mbarga was accepted by Nigerians as one of their own he used to travel on a Nigerian passport when Prince Nico Mbarga performed in Sierra Leone he was accepted as a Nigerian his popularity crumbled the day he pronounced that he is a Cameroonian and not a Nigerian Nigerians punished Prince Nico Mbarga and he paid the price for that pronouncement through his nose and he denied in penury with terrible regrets written all over his face.

2 Live Crew the Florida based American hip-hop group did not live long after controversy rocked the band with their album ‘As Nasty As They Wanna Be’ which was released in 1990 which was later banned because they caused considerable controversy with sexual themes in their album. Before the group dissolved into a huddle of lawsuits.

The Conservative Christian group “American Family Association” (AFA) was opposed to the sticker on the album and the album itself.

Boxx is inside this Group he was in America by then he saw how controversy engulfed 2 Live Crew which led to group’s demise.

These are just few examples how controversies have damaged musicians which I hope Kao Denero should learn from and pay serious attention to.

*I am Abdul Karim Koroma commonly known as Ajami, am a former diplomat, which ever name you choose to call me am still the same person*

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