Late President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah Glorified In USA


Some of the good works of Sierra Leone’s past President, late Alhaji Dr. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah have been expressively underscored in different quarters and among compatriots in the United States of America.

Throughout last week, several distinguish personalities including senior officers from the United States Department of States, Deputy Chief of Protocol of the United States, Ambassadors of different Countries from different Continents (Nigeria, Ghana, Vietnam, Zambia, Benin, Tanzania, Guinea, Djibouti, Cote d Ivoire, Libya, Millennium Challenge Corporation, Royal Thai Embassy, South Africa, Kenya, The State of Qatar, Philippines. etc. with Embassies in Washington DC not only eulogized the late President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, but also signed a book of condolence that was opened at the Embassy of Sierra Leone on 1701 19th Street NW, Washington DC.

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On Friday March 21st, a very strong and well known  Muslim religious body MASJID KHALEED AL-GAMDY of 3307 Hubbard Road Hyattsville in Maryland joined the week of National mourning declared by President Ernest Bai Koroma in honor of late President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah and held a prayer service after Juma (Friday Prayers) at the Ebilleh Cultural Organization.

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That prayer saw distinguished men of God including Alpha Ali Sesay,Alhaji Alie Sesay, Sheik Fuad Conteh,Sheik Muhammadou Cole,Alhaji Ibrahim Kamara, Alhaji Amadu Nabay,Alpha Mohamed Swarray Kallon,Alpha Gibril Tejan,Sheik Alusine Kamara Alpha Nfa Alie Badara Sheriff Alhaji Sikiru Oki,Sheik Said Swarray, Alpha Momodu Columbus Williams and the officiating clergy, Alhjaji Teslim Alghali recited several Quranic chapters and verses including  Surah Al – Mulk”, “Surah Yasin” and  Sura  waqiah for the Almighty Allah to forgive the late President his sins and use his goodness to grant him “Janna” (Paradise).    

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In his tribute, Ambassador Bockari kortu Stevens replicated the exact words of President Ernest Bai Koroma by describing late President Alhaji Ahmad Tejan Kabbah “a great giant of peace and democracy in Sierra Leone.”

Quoting President Ernest Bai Koroma, “we are also honoring all those Sierra Leoneans and international partners whose sacrifices made his presidency possible. “Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra Leone whose support gave him strength to push through the peace process; Sierra Leoneans whose willingness to forgive ensured the success of his efforts to heal the nation.”

“Pa Kabbah’s actions as President” were aligned with the aspirations of the overwhelming majority of Sierra Leoneans who said enough was enough to the atrocious military rule. “Enough was enough to an evil rebel war; enough was enough to extra-judicial killings, enough was enough to human rights violations”.


Amr.Bockari Stevens then called upon Sierra Leoneans residing in the USA to “dedicate their remembrance of this great Sierra Leonean to sustain the partnership and entreated all of them, from all political parties, everybody from every region and religion, every civil society group, every profession and every organization to mourn the late man with a commitment to building upon his wonderful actions for this land that he so dearly love.” Ambassador Stevens quoted President Koroma.

 Alpha Saidu Bangura described the late President as a committed Muslim who happened to be the first Muslim President of Sierra Leone, who wasted no time to congratulate the victor of the 2007 presidential race President Ernest Bai Koroma, from an opposition Political Party.

He said the late President Ahmad Tejan Kabba willingly and peacefully handed over the mantle of leadership to him in a timely manner in a bid to avert any unforeseen circumstances.

Several other mourners including All People’s Congress Washington Metro Area chapter Mrs. Beatrice Conteh, Masjid Khaleed Al-Gamdy Secretary General Alpha Saidu B. Yansaneh, Chairman Alieu Dausy Wurie and many others spoke very highly of the late man.

 On Saturday March 21st, 2014, the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) North America Washington D.C. Metro chapter held a Quranic reading for the Late Alhaji Dr. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah at the Ebileh cultural organization’s Masjid on 3307 Hubbard drive, Hyattsville, Maryland.

The three hours thirty Minutes program which started at 8.00 Eastern Time, ended on Sunday 1:30 saw several distinguished Imams, Sheiks, and other Muslim clerics prayed for the departed soul to rest in peace.

Several mourners including  Mr. Julius Aruna, chairman SLPP North America, Mr. Alpha Saidu Bangura, vice Chairman SLPP Washington DC Metro Chapter, Mr. Alieu Dausy Wurie, Mr. Ibrahim Kamara Chairman All People’s Congress (APC) north America all poured glowing tributes to the late President.

The Washington DC metro regional Muslim community recited a lot of Quranic Surah’s and verses.

In his Tribute, Ambassador Bockari Stevens reiterated his call for peace and collectivism among Sierra Leoneans and prayed for the soul of the faithful departed to rest in perfect peace.Mr. Alieu Dausy Wurie gave the closing courtesies, while Mrs. Alpha Timbo & Mrs. Kadie Jalloh gave the vote of thanks.


Pasco Gerald Temple
Information attaché
Embassy of Sierra Leone
Washington DC
20009 USA
Tel- 2024466958

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