Maada Bio, the giant with clay feet, is digging his own grave


By Kabs Kanu

Maada Bio is digging his own grave. He is behaving like the reckless bug that will soon weave its way into a palm oil bottle from which he will not be able to squeeze his way out.

Maada Bio is forgetting that it is America, the greatest power in the world that is against him. The little chance he has got from the UN policy not to bar him from coming to America has gone into his head and he is behaving like the reckless fly that will follow the corpse to the grave.

America and the other countries that are against him are secretly laughing at him for the way he is making problems worse for himself by his pomposity, pride, impudence , recklessness, foolhardy statements and inability to understand the dire situation in which he finds himself.

Maada Bio is behaving like a child that knows that the adult he is challenging holds the whiphandle and can beat the hell out of him in many different ways, but he is trying anyway to impress others with reckless bravado. Only a foolish child that is not serious about his future will institute such challenges and keep biting the hands feeding him..

All these things show that the curse of God befell Sierra Leone when Maada Bio became their president. At times when God wants to curse you for not taking the right decisions and for being hypocritical, he gives you a leader like Bio that will plumet you to your doom. Maada Bio never cares for the people except himself, his family, his licentious girlfriends and his brainless supporters who will applaud him to his grave. If Bio really cared for his people he would have proceeded with caution and diplomacy and not opened his big, ugly mouth on America and the hands that feed our nation. Bio should have known that there are consequences but because he cares little for the people, he does not care. Maada Bio is so senselessly unpatriotic that he fails to realize that his reckless behavior will hurt his country most. When America seriously begins to punish him , it is not only Bio himself who will suffer, but the people of Sierra Leone.

Bio thinks he has stolen enough money that he , Fatima, girlfriends and children will recline somewhere and enjoy if America boots him out of power. He is so daft that he does not know that the very America can kick him out of power and send him to jail. If he thinks it is the only the ICC that can arrest a former leader, he is mistaken. America can arrest him as they have done before to others in his position.

Bio is so ignorant that he does not know that diplomacy and the international community can be caressing your ego and secretly plotting your downfall. Let Bio be carried away by the flattery he recently got from the ICC Prosecutor. Indeed, as I said before, the meeting between him and the ICC Prosecutor never had anything to do with investigations. That I made clear. However, if the Prosecutor discussed with Bio the Rome Statute, which deals with crimes against humanity , he has to be careful. The ICC does not have enforcement capacity of its own and has no police or soldier of its own. It depends on the goodwill of countries that signed the Rome Statute to help it do its work. The ICC therefore acted correctly to seek Bio’s goodwill since Sierra Leone is going to be a Non – Permanent member of the UN General Assembly. It is not because Bio is great or innocent. This does not mean, however , that if Bio commits crimes in violation of the Statute, he will not be punished in future. Bio has to be careful. This meeting was on strengthening bilateral relations , we who understand diplomacy knew. But we cannot predict anything from it if Bio remains puffed up and unwary of the things he does.

Bio is not a giant. He has to realize that and stop the yapping and tread carefully. Uncle Sam is watching him. He is in Uncle Sam’s radar and presidents smarter and stronger than him have been in that position before and turned out to be the losers. BE careful, Bio. Watch your mouth and your steps. You might be too dumb not to realize that you are sealing your own doom with your big mouth. And this is a tragedy not only for you but our innocent country.


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