Maada Bio receives dubious award from Nigerian public relations agency in UK

Sierra Leone’s President Maada Bio has been given the BEST PRESIDENT IN WEST AFRICA award by a Nigerian Public Relations Company in the United Kingdom, called the Cater and Merger Company.

When the news first emerged, it went viral on the social media among SLPP supporters looking for a morale – booster for their president who is being viciously manhandled by Sierra Leoneans and the media at home and the social media for his wasteful international trips that bring nothing to the country . However, their jubilation died prematurely when research led by Cocorioko Publisher Leeroy Wilfred Kabs – Kanu showed the organization that granted Bio the award to be a Nigerian For- profit public relations agency, who by its own advertisement on social media, is a business entity devoted to promoting leaders and teaching them how to win elections. It immediately became obvious that the Sierra Leone President had paid the Nigerian agency to promote him and the dubious award could have been the starting point of this promotion.

Read how the award was announced to the public by the SLPP propaganda media :


His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio has just been awarded “West Africa President of theYear 2021” at the 6th London Political Summit organised by the Carter and Merger Centre for Leadership and Good Governance U.K.

President Bio, who is currently in Dubai championing the robust Sierra Leone drive to engage with and attract investors at the DUBAI EXPO-2020, is being respectfully recognised in London, over 5,000 km away.

The organisers of this award, “the Uhuru/Raila African Peace Accord” , which is now 6 years in the running, work “to celebrate excellence in democratic leadership across Africa”.

Past awardees include leaders like the current President of Malawi, HE Dr Lazarus Chakwera, the former president of Malawi, HE Prof Arthur Mutharika, and the President of Kenya, the Rt. Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta,
There has also been an array of awardees, for people in different categories, including the Rt. Hon. Dr. Rebecca Kadaga, Speaker of the Uganda Parliament as well a number of British Parliamentarians.

Please stay tuned for more details.

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This was Cocorioko publisher Kabs Kanu’s initial post on Facebook after learning researching and learning that Cater and Merger Company was not a credible organization.


By Kabs Kanu

Me ah tire sef .

A Nigerian non -reputable company that was set up to seve as a consultancy for investments and trade gave Maada Bio that award they are making noise about .

Sierra Leoneans, please learn to google everything

Cater and merger ( They even misspelt the first name Cater to sound as Carter ) consulting company is a management consulting company in the Uk with a presence in Nigeria , according to its website .

It is a group of Nigerians hustling in England . Their website lists their leadership . All are Nigerians . Please google them . They are hustlers that anybody can pay to do public relations for them. They are the ones Maada Bio has paid to give him the award to counter the prestigious one given to President Ernest Koroma. But it is another massive public relations blunder because anybody who can investigate well can read through the ruse .

They want you to confuse it with the world famous Carter Leadership organization headed by former U. S President , Jimmy Carter . This Nigerian consultancy company is called Cater and Merger .

Please una pull lie nar me mot by googling the company .

Google the name they gave themselves to give Bio the award and see something too .


YOU see how desperate these people are and how low they can go to fake anything and counter anything achieved by the APC ?

In their naive quest to give Bio relevance, they have exposed how our president wastes money abroad .. Nar borku money e go don pay den Nigeria man ya for gee am dis bogus award, just to compete with APC .

Pa Shaki was right when he said that “no to book make sense”. How could a political party that claims to have all the book men sit down and have conmen and hustlers in the UK rip off the president and give him a worthless award. Ay, boe.

The Nigeria conmen must have taken almost a million dollars from the hapless ex- Brigadier and given him the useless award of “Best President in West Africa. “ A consulting agency that has no credibility and is unknown even in its own country, according to my research.

But President Bio is not the first president conned this way. African presidents like to hire foreign public relations agencies to promote them when indigenous penpushers could do a far better job. Oose kind complex dat for foreigners ?

The Nigerian conmen did not understand how to do public relations. They thought that by giving De Pa that award, it was a good starting point to promote him and help boost his profile. But that is a naive way to promote a president.

Public Relations agencies should never get into giving presidents awards because they are For-Profit organizations and nobody will take their awards seriously. People will know the client paid for the award. It was a lazy approach to the work.

Cater and Merger Consulting even advertise that they can show presidents how to win elections . Like really? That could have been the first red flag to President Biothat they are con and scam artists. But ah ya, we leader dem too fool.

I am an investigative journalist , MORE COMING .

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