In Sierra Leone – President Koroma Positions The Ball To Score The Winning Goal

In Sierra Leone – President Koroma Positions The Ball To Score The Winning Goal thumbnail



11 October, 2012 – Today, as gigantic throngs of human beings dressed in his party colors (Red ) swamped the city of Freetown  and massed around him in a show of support and solidarity for him and his running mate, Chief Sam Sumana, President Ernest Koroma, riding in an convertible car, lofted a ball high to the delight of the nearly one million fanatics . The symbolism and the metaphor of soccer and the ball were not lost on the people of Sierra Leone. With their popular support, President Koroma will aim his shot well and score the winning goal against Maada Bio on Saturday November 17, 2012. The goal will enable him to claim his second term at governance and lead Sierra Leone to the promised land of the Agenda For Prosperity. The whole nation and the world will applaud the goal because it will be a beauty and also it is the goal that will make our Sierra Leone the strong and prosperous nation we all pray for in the coming years.

The kind of crowd that President Koroma and Chief Sam Sumana drew in Sierra Leone today is a statement of intent that THE WHOLE NATION WILL BE THERE TO SEE THIS BEAUTIFUL GOAL that will ensure that  the All People’s Congress ( APC )  win the November Elections.

The massive crowd was also a demonstration of the fact that President Koroma, who will score that magical goal ,  is blessed—Blessed because he is genuine and sincere; blessed because he is devoted and committed. He may not be perfect –And there is no perfect human being– but he loves his people enough , has good intentions for them enough and has performed enough in five years to show that he means to transform Sierra Leone from a poor to a rich and advanced nation. The people are cognizant of this and that was why they came out in full colours today to show the President how they love him and appreciate him.

With the facts now laid bare before one and all that President Koroma is the choice of the people and he is heading for a possible landslide , our only prayer as Sierra Leoneans is that the whole elections process ends peacefully on November 17. We pray that the elections are free, fair and credible and that has been the desire of President Koroma who has invited elections-monitoring organizations all over the world and stakeholders, including the United Nations ( UN) , European Union ( EU ) and the African Union ( AU )  to come to Sierra Leone and monitor the elections on November 17.

Even ardent opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP )  fanatics have started conceding that their flagbearer Maada Bio will not be a match for President Koroma at the polls .Our prayer is that their supporters accept defeat and move on when the final results are announced. The voice of the people is the voice of God. What the people decide on November 17 should be respected by one and all as we are now living in the golden era of multi-party and constitutional democracy.

Let the people’s will prevail because they know best what they want for their nation.

Leeroy Wilfred Kabs-Kanu, Minister Plenipotentiary, NY, USA

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