Maada Bio remains a polarising and divisive force in the SLPP, says Yanguba Kai-Samba

How can SLPP win an election when it has been divided and weakened even at family level ?

The party is supposed to be a family party, and kombra party.

But there are divisions and bitterness everywhere. I have just spoken to one of my brother Faba Kai-samba who contested for the SLPP lower level election in Kenema. He lost because he is not a Bio supporter. All the Temnes and Fullahs voted for him. But he was opposed by Angu Kai-Samba a former MP and “paopa” who is also a nephew to Kelfala , the mayor, his sister Nguanya , also a paopa and deputy mayor and Fokai Demby. These are the hardcore paopas that are using every resources available to support Bio.


They are in a minority but in strategic positions. Fokai of course,  combined with Mayor Kelfala,  are influential in Kenema due to the resources they have.

Majority of the Kai-sambas in kenema are anti Bio. So are majority of the Dembys I know are anti Bio.Only Fokai is a “paopa”.

Based on my discussion this morning, let there be no doubt that Bio is a polarising figure and I am told in no uncertain terms that unless SLPP elect a good unifying presidential candidate the party will have no chance of winning election in 2018. This is a warning to those who believe Bio can win a national election.

SLPP is truely at a breaking point worst than any other time.

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