Monday March 6, 2006

First_Name:  Munda
Last_Name:  Tombo
Address:  Bo

Comments:  The late Mrs. Kabbah (May Her Blessed Soul Rest In Peace) once jokingly decribed John Leigh as “our undiplomatic diplomat in Washington”. Even  though Mrs. Kabbah  may have said that in jest she was not wrong in her assesment of the  man that was placed as a point man for our country  in the US. We all remember how he fanned tribal flame in his not so diplomatic interview on CNN blaming a paritcular tribe for the 1997  millitary coup.

Even political prostitutes like Sama Banya could not talk to this guy because as he put it “this guy cannot discuss anyhting without curssing.”At least I am alive to see Powawui say the truth at least for once. Here is this guy calling desperate Sierra Leoneans trying to fend for themselves the only wayavaible to them Raray boys, Sand sand boys etc.may be they would not have been all the things Leigh is calling them if he Leigh had given back to his country what his country gave him. Opportunity. Instead Leigh provided opportunities for people in other countries. His business empire is well placed and flourishing in Nigeria. Well this is the guy that has been calling politicians Unpatriotic. Yes I agree with him on that but he must not exclude himself.

What has Leigh done to take the sand sand boys from the sand? What has he done to make raray boys law abiding and productive citizens.? Are bicycle riders not making an honest living and providing necessary service to the country? In John Leighs book these people do not count.If Sierra Leoneans should fear any party because of its association with the APC, it is the SLPP that people should fear.Just look around. All the APCs that took our country downhill are the same people calling the shots in the SLPP. Which party was JB Dauda and Sama Banya who are now presidential advisers. Which party was Sheku Sesay, now minister for presidential affairs. Which party was Fillie Faboe, one of the most renowned thugs in the APC, now Resident Minister in the EAst? Which party is now hailing Abbas Bundu as patriot?

Was this not the man the now vice president as Attorney-General  told the nation that he gave a bounce check to the govt. in the vouchergate settlement? Abbas Bundu has denied ever giving a bounced check to the govt. and the govt. is yet to dispute that. Instead he is the darling of the party that John Leigh once described as full of rogues.What is Leigh’s standing in politics? Does Leigh support party just for the name or for its policies?
Is John Satisfied with what the SLPP has done for the country?

Leigh must realize that most of those bike riders are college graduates and it is because of his SLPP misrule that those people are doing what they are doing. At least John they never ran away form the country. You can at least respect them for that.It is intersting that Leigh did his political polling while dirnking poyo and
eating jakitomboi.I am happy with the result he got from his polling. It is the same polling he did by the “Mampma bullie”  that put him on top of the SLPP leadership just to end not been nominated. I am sure Margai will appreciate the results of your polling this time. Continue drinking your poyo Leigh. All I can say to John Leigh is to take heed  Prince Harding’s advice to him.”sit down and shut up.”

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