Monday March 6, 2006

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I want to respond to the writer of “Is Omrie Golley Framed?” Mr. Kabba, the content of your article is very interesting and makes sense to me and I believe it will, to most if not all Sierra Leoneans. You know.., Sometimes I will ask my self, “What is going on in our country?” Do the politicians really think Sierra Leoneis the country you can get away with anything, without someone questioning you, as an opinion on a news paper or on the tremendous number of websites today? There is lots of dirty politics going on in that country today, forgetting that the main reason Sierra Leon is as it is, is because of the selfish mentality of the so called recycled politicians.

It is very unfortunate that in the 21st century, our people are being treated like the era of the early 1800s, when the only victory our people could ask for was freedom. It is shameful and disgraceful to the former United Nation guy like Tejan Kabba, who should at least know better. Now, what the S.L.P.P is doing is
to intimidate anyone they regarded as a threat to the next election; regardless to their own failure to meet the needs of bitter, yet courageous people. All our people are asking for is a transparent system that seek their needs, and not the same corrupt system that droved us to foreign countries, where we were humiliated andsome tortured for been refugees. I wish I could, but I can not express myself any further because Sierra Leones all over the world, I believed are disappointed.

To the Omrie Golley question, I believe he was framed and all the scenarios you mentioned in your expression ” 1.How could any sensible or normal person believe that he can make a coup in Sierra Leone in 2006 and get away with if, without the whole world coming after you, in a possible military counter attack? 2.
Omrie Golley, as an attorney must be a smart guy. As such, he must be counting his lucky stars that he was not in prison for his activities during the way. 3. If for some strange reason the U. S president, George Bush put him up to overthrow pres. Tejan Kabbah because of his Iranian connection, $1000 is not what he will start with for ammunitions.. Etc,” make logical sense.I don’t know why Omrie Golley wasn’t tried anyway in the first place?

To be honest with you Mr. Kemokai, people like Omrie Golley and the politician we have today are the same. I care less how he is being treated and I would have wished more harm to him like he had done to us. I know about the saying “two wrong cannot make a right,” in some case it does. I know I will one put this anger behind me, but not with those people. Thank you for your opinion, and May the Almighty God continue to guide and protect our beloved country, Sierra Leone.

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