Old Man Zubah and his son : A new drama series


Creative Writing
SON: Whah happen, Old Man ? You did not eat again today. Old Ma  finish cooking sweet sweet palm butter soup for you , but you did not eat again today. Whah happen ?
FATHER : Ay, my  son, I am worried . I am worried for my country.
SON : Pa, you like to worry for nothing.
FATHER: Who will not worry, my son ? Everyday, de pipul talk about transparency .Everyday, transparency and what is the other word sef ?
MOTHER ; Accountability .
FATHER; Yeah. Transparency and accountability. They say we must be transparent. They say we must be accountable. But son, look who dey want to make President now .
SON  ( Laughing ) : Oh, dah those fiasco people thing you worried about ? Old Man sef ya, I thought that something else.
FATHER : Son , everybody is worried. Old Man Soklo worried. Old Man Fogbawa worried. Old Man Sampson worried. Old Man Sorie worried. Old Man Ziama worried. We all worried, son. De people wan bring trouble  in the country.
SON: Pa, enjoy your palm butter soup . De people nar serious.
MOTHER ; I  have been telling dis old man de same thing, but he can’t listen . Your old man does not listen.  I wonder whether it is becuz ah woman.
FATHER ;  Musu, it is not because you are a woman. I have lived in this country for long. De people fickle. People do not vote issues .
SON : Old Man, stop worrying . Those people will get nowhere. Whether people vote issues O, whether they don’t vote issues O, dah mehn dah Yeh Yeh mehn as de Nigerian people say .
FATHER : Now, they tell me de mehn wants to come campaign to me this evening.
MOTHER : Whose house ? Here ? Not de house where I sweep everyday. No rogue coming here to campaign. Da one there, dah Police will come separate us.
SON : Ay ma,  you too want to start talking like Pa. Who say those people serious ? They won’t dare come here. Baboon knows where to carry his foolishness.
FATHER; Dey  say de mehn gat plenty money. Dey will follow him blindly. They know de mehn dah rogue, but they will follow him. People are no longer serious in this world.
SON : Ma,  wey de old mehn ‘s Cane  juice ? What de Freetown people call it sef ?
MOTHER : Omole. De Ghana people call it Akpeteshi..
SON : De old man needs to drink something strong to calm his nerves. I am telling him. He does not need to worry. Those people just full of big mouth. You think people stupid ? We the youths  stupid ? We will sit down and see rogue become our President ?
FATHER : De mehn dah rogue. They want him to become President of our country. Me, I will go back to Liberia. I can’t stay here and see rogue become our President. I love my country.
SON: Papay,listen to the voice of youth. Dah thing not happening here. Those people just making dem selves feel good. When they catch their heads, dat is what they do. What does Taffie not do to people ?
FATHER : Our country too good. Our country too precious , but de way I see people behave now, my heart all spoil inside me.
SON : It is because you want your heart to spoil, old mehn.you  worry unnecessarily.  Dah thing nar happening in our country. No way. We will vote for somebody like De Pa, somebody who will continue to develop our country like De Pa.

Written by de journalist Kabs Kanu.aol.com<br>

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