PMDC accuses SLPP of elections violence



Election violence raised its ugly head once more in Segbewema, Kailahun District, when a female parliamentary candidate under the ticket of the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) was beaten up and later admitted at the government hospital.
Irvin Sesay, who is recovering, lay back in her bed at the Kenema Government hospital and from time to time adjusted her bulk on the bed visibly suffering from aches and pains.
She told Awoko that on Saturday 14 July at night, one Shengbeh Brima came to her house and rained abuses on her.
Mrs Sesay said, “he even bragged that the Sierra Leone People’s Party had paid them to kill me because I have stood against their own candidate”.
She continued that, “the next day in the morning I went to the police station and reported the matter but that same day at night Shengbeh Brima, Chief Senesei Momoh, Jusu Momoh and about two other men all members of the SLPP raided my house.”
“I was advised to get into my house and flee from the invaders which I did but they caught my husband and started beating him, so I had to come outside to rescue him”, Irvin related.
She stated that, “as soon as they saw me they descended on me with their fists and with sticks. They beat me up and stripped me naked.
They also ransacked my house and made away with my bag which contained 250 PMDC party membership cards, Le 500,000 and 20 dozen PMDC T shirts.”
She continued: “Some of my friends and relatives took me to the police station where I made a report. I was so afraid because of the attempt on my life so I was also advised to leave Kailahun and even seek medical attention in Kenema”.
She told Awoko further that: “I slept in a house in the bush until early Monday morning before I fled to Kenema and was admitted at the Government hospital.” She said she was being treated for abdominal pains and back aches.
Mrs Sesay maintained that though she would brave it back to Kailahun as she was determined to run for the parliamentary seat but she was still getting complaints that SLPP supporters were still raiding her house and threatening to kill her if she returned.
“I am a woman but I want to change things in my country I will not be dissuaded by anything or anyone,” the PMDC presidential candidate stated defiantly.


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