Posing in photo ops with the UN Secretary General will not launder Maada Bio’s image or make his stolen presidency legitimate



Yesterday, I saw supporters of Sierra Leone megalomaniac dictator , Julius Maada Bio, proudly sharing photos of him and the UN Secretary General in Rome. I-VERIFY says the photo is an old one, but it does not matter if it is old or new.

The UN Secretary General is mandated to pose in photos with any leader in the world , whether a pariah, dictator or man of infamy. This is made possible by the UN doctrine of sovereign equality of member states and the non- partisan character of the UN, which was set up to solve conflicts between nations after the Second World War. The UN can sanction a leader and he will still pose with the Secretary General.

Posing with pariahs and dictators doe not mean that the UN Secretary General approves them or endorses their deeds or will intervene to save them when the time comes to reap what they have sown.

I am posting three photos of infamous and world- despised men who lived on the edge of wickedness and tyranny but were still allowed to roam the world, attend UN summits and even pose with the UN Secretary General until the day came for them to be destroyed. The men are Libya’s dictator MOUAMER GHADDAFI, IRAQ’s man of infamy SADAM HUSSEIN and the killer of Uganda, IDI AMIN ( who escaped death but was overthrown anyway ).

Maada Bio will not be different. He will definitely reap what he has sown. He can pose with Angel Gabriel if he wants. That will not save him. It will only show that he is a man of impunity with a small mind, a man who is miscalculating everything in the world and whose doom will hit him with a surprise.

The U.S, EU and international elections observers have spoken and their message is ringing around the world. Maada BIO rigged the Sierra Leone elections and he is not a legitimate leader. He can receive all kinds of congratulatory letters and he can pose with the UN Secretary General, but that will not change things or save him from what will befall him ultimately.

The pariahs and dictators in the photos above thought the same way as Bio, but they reaped what they had sown. Bio will reap what he has sown. It is only a matter of time.

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