President Ernest Koroma is marching on to more victories for Sierra Leone


While the idlers are busy mounting propaganda against him in the social media, PRESIDENT ERNEST BAI KOROMA is not sleeping. He is wide-awake. His brain is ticking like a clock. Also, the President is not relenting. President Koroma is marching on to more victories for the betterment of his nation.



PRESIDENT KOROMA continues his relentless march to victory because , as a winner, that is what he knows to do . So far adjudged the best President Sierra Leone has ever had since Independence in 1961, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has brought lots of tangible socio-economic and political developments to Sierra Leone. He is credited with being the President who restored electricity , water supply and basic services to the once war-battered nation at the time when Sierra Leone was being ridiculed as the darkest nation in the world. He has also constructed state-of -the art highways in Sierra Leone and he has also made Sierra Leone the envy of other nations, infrastructure-wise. Agriculture has been given more impetus and Sierra Leone now dreams of being self-sufficient in food production in the nearest future.The mining industry is booming in Sierra Leone, under President Koroma and there are prospects that the country would soon be an oil-producing nation.

Under him, Sierra Leone will have the second fastest growing economy in the world in 2014. In fact, rather amazingly , the Sierra Leone economy was predicted to be growing faster than China’s , according to the WORLD BANK REPORT published below :



The World Bank’s analysis of Africa’s economies which is published in Africa’s Pulse has placed Sierra Leone on top of China as one of the world’s fastest growing economies.
Authored by the Chief Economist of the World Bank with data from the Development Prospects Group Sierra Leone was ranked top among the list of “fastest growing countries in the World.

With an estimated growth rate of about 18%, Sierra Leone topped China which is seen as one of the most resielient economies which clocked a growth rate of nearly 9%. The difference says economists is that Sierra Leone’s growth rate is seen as shooting up there for the first time whereas China’s much bigger and diversified economy has shown a steady growth rate over the years. Giving an overview of recent developments in Sub-Saharan Africa the publication notes that “In 2012, the region’s growth was estimated at 4.7 percent. Excluding South Africa, the region’s largest economy, the remaining economies grew at a robust 5.8 percenthigher than the developing country average of 4.9 percent. About a quarter of countries in the region grew at 7 percent or better, and several African countries, are among the fastest growing in the world (Figure 2).”The analysts went on “Overall, the region is forecast to grow at more than 5 percent on average over the 2013-15 period: 4.9 percent in 2013, gradually strengthening to 5.2 percent by 2015.” END OF WORLD BANK ARTICLE


The World Bank Report epitomizes the great work being done in Sierra Leone by PRESIDENT ERNEST KOROMA. For a country emerging from war to top China in economic growth, it clearly demonstrates that the President is doing a marvelous job in macro and micro-economic transformation of Sierra Leone.

Challenges still exist in Sierra Leone , like other countries of the world. The President still has an uphill battle to fight to eradicate corruption. Youth unemployment is still a problem. General malfeasance and misfeasance in the civil service and the public sector are still problems to be contended with; But President Koroma is fully aware of these challenges and he is busy setting up structures to overcome them. If only his detractors would be fair to admit that in spite of the challenges, the President’s shoulders are skewed to the plough and he is working hard for the nation , it will bode well for the nation.

But the reason that, from the propaganda being mounted against the President ,it seems that nothing good is going on in Sierra Leone is the fact that there is a very avaricious and power-thirsty breed of Sierra Leoneans who have come to be known as Pa-O- Pa politicians. In the local parlance, Pa-O- Pa means “AT ALL COSTS, WHETHER IT IS RIGHT OR NOT. ” These politicians want power at all costs as they believe that it should be either them in power or nobody else. Led by a former junta leader , who has the blood of his fellow citizens on his hands and is a self-confessed passport thief and lately a bigamist , Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio, these breed of politicians are stopping at nothing to damage the good names of President Koroma and the government.

The reasonable Sierra Leoneans who however see the physical signs of progress in their country know that it is just mere propaganda against President Koroma and so in 2012, they gave the President and his ruling All People’s Congress ( APC ) an overwhelming victory over the propaganda-churning Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) in the Presidential , Legislative and Local Council Elections. President Koroma’s resounding victory at the polls was a welcome endorsement from the people of Sierra Leone that he has done a magnificent job for them and for now he is the only hope for continued socio-economic and political transformation in the country.

Despite all the propaganda, PRESIDENT KOROMA remains very popular among the general populace and wherever he goes in the country, surging crowds in their thousands go frenetic to welcome him.

PRESIDENT KOROMA has launched the AGENDA FOR PROSPERITY , which is the nation’s roadmap to sustainable further socio-economic and political development. We will start serializing THE AGENDA FOR PROSPERITY in subsequent articles.

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