• We the Undersignedwould like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the International Community, And in particular, Her Majesty’s Government and The United Nations for their continued interest in the welfare of the peoples of the Republic of Sierra Leone;
  • That by this singular action, the International Community has demonstrated its satisfaction with the Government of President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah, and in particular its commitment towards eradicating poverty and the causes of poverty in Sierra Leone;
  • That the Peace process, established through the collective will of the International Community, and in collaboration with the government and peoples of Sierra Leone, can only be consolidated through the continuance of a structured funding programme;
  • That Sierra Leone and her people will be the major beneficiary of this major funding initiative which is targeted at poverty eradication, disease prevention, and the establishment of a Judicial system which will assist in major ills like corruption and the causes of crime;
  • We laud the major drive undertaken by the government of Sierra Leone towards achieving fiscal responsibility and the restoration of the rule of law, together with a determination to ensure that the democratic process is developed and sustained;
  • We affirm the need for security and peace in our country, and believe that this can only be achieved through the existence of a strong economic foundation;
  • We believe that this is a National issue, beneficial to all Sierra Leoneans;
  • We therefore deplore the efforts made by some people to treat this as a partisan political issue, ignoring the fact that this is of national importance;
  • We condemn in the strongest terms attempts by these disgruntled people to use this issue as a platform to express their frustrations on issues of local interest;
  • And finally, we believe that the issue of the advancement and interest of our country is Bigger than any Party or its Leader and must be seen as such. This should be a bi-partisan issue and the interest of our country should be paramount. By advocating that the International Community should not help Sierra Leone at this hour of need, these disgruntled people are no better than traitors, serving their interests better than the country they claim to love.

The Patriotic Sierra Leoneans UK

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