Sham delegation from Sierra Leone and the pseudo-peace in the SLPP-NA


 By Solomon Sesay :

Augustine Fallay and Foday Sesay , what a shame. You have two grownups who are citizens of the same motherland and members of the chaotic and rotten soup SLPP talking about peace but cannot look each other in the face. It is appalling to say the least but yet they want Sierra Leoneans around the world to believe that the sham delegation from Freetown brought peace to their conflict-ridden SLPP NA and SLPP Alliance branches. Come on guys give us a break; we know peace when we see it and from the look of this snapshot, the SLPP NA and SLPP Alliance are nowhere close to peace.

Augustine Fallay (Right ) and Foday Sesay could not  even look at each other in the face at signing of pseudo-peace deal. ADVICE–Mr. Augustine Fallay and Mr. Foday Sesay next time please look up and smile for the camera

Even Solomon Berewa and Momodu Koroma after losing the 2007 Presidential Elections put a pleasant face to their defeat and gave the world a smile. Here you have bullheads of the same green party, who are stuck-up in idiocy talking about peace and their party’s comeback in 2012, yet they can’t raise their heads up and acknowledge the humanity of the next individual. It must have been a cold SLPP handshake and there is no end to the chilliness the thought of a SLPP reemergence gives to peace loving Sierra Leoneans. Do not believe a single word they say. Members of SLPP are on bad terms and falling apart all around the world. They cannot put a face to it. Fallay and Sesay looking down is a pictogram of the form of defeatism that will preoccupy the SLPP past the polls in 2012.

Credible information indicates that the SLPP delegation from Sierra Leone accomplished nothing of substance. The delegation from Freetown could not provide convincing explanation why Maada Bio was taken off the list at the eleventh hour. They did not persuade prominent members that it was their responsibility to mend fences so that when Maada Bio comes, he will meet a single tuneful branch. However, the wise ones did not buy their hogwash justification for leaving Bio behind. One individual even made reference to President Koroma who took the lead in resolving conflicts among members when the APC was in opposition.

He said, “Ernest Bai Koroma got a big reward for his efforts and today the All People’s Congress is together all around the world.” In dismay he continued, “In our case it seems Maada Bio expect others to do the legwork in order for him to ride into town like our messiah and not our number one public servant.” Do we want a leader that will shy away from our enormous national problems and issues? Since we cannot trust Bio to resolve a single conflict within the SLPP, he is most definitely unfit to deal with our national problems and issues at this time. Reliable sources reveal that majority of SLPPers in North America are sadden by their party’s direction and the Maada Bio, Kadie Sesay ticket. Despite their rhetoric and clatter, many could not entertain thoughts of their comeback just as Augustine Fallacy and Foday Sesay can’t put a face, look up and smile at their gobbledygook peace meeting.

At a time when Sierra Leoneans are now dealing with issues bordering on the nation’s progress, the SLPP is still hung-up on peace. Are they too slow or do they just can’t get it? These are guys who pride themselves on being Sierra Leone’s elites. Read their articles, engage them in conversations, or listen to their spin on national matters, they assume they have the right answers and know it all. To them, no one knows what is best for the nation except those who wear green hats. There is a big ideological gulf between the various factions, but yet they think Sierra Leoneans must ignore their gap and bring them back. Maada Bio has credibility problems with the international community, but yet they want Sierra Leoneans to risk gains the nation has made to bring him back.

The SLPP lacks cohesion. There are debilitating infightings within the SLPP, but yet they want Sierra Leoneans to dress in green, drink palm wine and go along with their booboo parade. We will rather listen to the Refugee All Star Band and dance with paddle, than jump to the tune of SLPP’s “Dead march in Soul.” The picture of Fallay and Sesay reveal the SLPP NA and SLPP Alliance peace talk was arid and on the surface.  Worse of all, the collective portrait of the SLPP suggest their plans for Sierra Leone is lifeless.  Next time, it won’t hurt if Fallay and Sesay smile for the camera. However, Augustine Fallay, Foday Sesay and others, should not show us white teeth with black heart in the image. Just like a house at odds will fall, counterfeit depiction of peace, love, unity, etc will not last it in the public’s view. Lunta

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