Sierra Leoneans have forgotten that they ever had electricity

Subject: Sierra Leoneans have forgotten that they ever had light
From: Lt. O’Sonkro Sorie Kamara ( OSK) : Brigade HQ
To: All
Date Posted: 15:41:48 07/24/06 ()
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The SLPP has been in power for 10 years and we have started to forget that therewas anything in our country called electricity.

At least during APC days, there was load shedding. We saw electricity, but today, some children do not know the meaning of electricity because they have not seen one.During APC era, Freetown was the pride of West Africa, clean, beautiful and buildigs maintained.All the high rise buildings , like Bank of Sierra Leone, Law Court, National Insurance, Yuyi Building etc were built by the APC. NAME ANY ONE DEVELPMENT UNDERTAKEN IN FREETOWN BY THE SLPP.NONE. Look at our roads.

Under APC, Sierra Leone had one of the best road networks in West Africa .Today, because of neglect by SLPP, we have the worst road network.We had big and luxurious Mercedez Benz buses.

Even the Guineans and Liberians envied us. SLPP has done nothing for Sierra Leone .So why do the SLPP losers rationalize your flunky party’s failure by comparing yourself to APC ? Look, SLPP is the worst administration we have had ever in Sierra Leone.Even the NPRC in 5 years developed Sierra Leone. What has SLPP done in 10 years ? We want you to tell us.

Look at us in the barracks. We enjoyed the army better during APC days.Now we cant even wear good uniforms or feed our families and you talk about SLPP being better than APC ? YOU DESERVE TO BE SHOT.

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