SLPP Man complains about Maada Bio

By Musa Bockarie :

Maada Bio has been collecting funds from Donors and well wishers assiduously most without our party (SLPP) official awareness in an effort to enrich HIMSELF and not the party nor the people of Sierra Leone. This behavior is typical of a leader who will be totally aid dependent if he assumes Presidency or hold any public office. The issue of aid dependency has become a great concern for world leaders as it causes countries not to develop or fund their own development which makes such a government less inclined to implement policies which encourages nation-building. It also undermines a governments’ accountability to their own citizens.

Sierra Leone’s dependency has dropped from 96.86% in 2000 to 92% in 2009 which is a significant decrease. This decrease might be short-lived if we vote for Maada Bio and so will the continuity of policies relating to infrastructure, health and human resource development.


During the reign of AFRC, Maada Bio exploited a lot of resources from Sierra Leone which was brought to light by the Kabba’s government and most of those resources he collected; he invested in Ghana instead of Sierra Leone. Presently because of bad management and wastefulness, he has nothing to his name and all his business has gone down the drain therefore such a person should not be trusted with the wealth of a nation, he his hungry wolf waiting to devour the country’s resources.

Managing a business is less complex to that of a nation and if he cannot manage a small sector business successful how more a whole nation. From all the money Maada Bio exploited from this country, he did not invest any in this country. How can we have a president who does not invest in his country but invest in other people’s country and contribute to their development? This shows that when he is president he will invest outside of Sierra Leone instead of in Sierra Leone to enhance development.

Lastly Maada Bio’s campaign is tagged along ethnic/tribal lines; this has being coded message or campaign theme to the people of Sierra Leone. It is purely grounded on the fact that they are compelled to support his ambitions just because they belong to a particular geographical area of Sierra Leone or have ancestry linking to similar groups. Patriotic Sierra Leoneans must now be very wary of politicians using us as a means to an end, we must vote for love of country

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