Analysis : The British Elections : No winners, nothing to celebrate

By Victor Chapman

What a patchy set of results, all round. There’s nothing to celebrate. Where is the winner in all this? Complacency may be gone for a season, following the toll that this snap General Election has taken on all of the political parties. For not one of them has got a clear and resounding mandate or overall majority. And their hacks can spin it all they like, but there has been failure all round.


The truth of the matter was that the Tories were hampered by the austerity measures implemented over the last few years [with their Lib Dem Coalition partner, born out of that Cameron and Clegg summer love in the Rose Garden of Number 10 in 2010]; The Labour Party by the Corbyn Factor [yes, there is still a Corbyn factor in many segments of the Party [not Prime Ministerial and all that sort of rot, even from some of its own members/activists]; UKIP by their patent irrelevance, these days; the SNPs by the Inderef2 obsession; and the Lib Dems again, by not having a cat in hell’s chance of ever being Her Majesty’s official Opposition within The Palace of Westminster. Hell will have to freeze over for them to be [not the American Hell, of course; for that’s frozen a few times].


Another thing; now that we have a situation where a host of MPs on all sides of the House and of all political hue have been bloodied in some very tight races, and just about scraped over with less than a few hundred votes over their finishing lines,  something tells me that with the uncertainty about the electorate and how fickle they could be in future; many of these wounded MPs may now behave themselves during the lifetime of this Parliament, than risk their tenuous careers on yet another General Election that will, in the majority of cases, wipe out their flimsy majorities.That will be a dead cert, were we to have an autumn general Election. Interesting times ahead, if you ask me. So we may in the immediate future, see less bloody-mindedness, tribal obfuscation and few self-centered rebellion on a host of matters; for fear of their having to go back to the country tail between their legs, only to end up on the scrap heap of discarded MPs. So for once,I  am not very disappointed with the outcome; though I would have preferred it if either Labour or the Conservatives had a clear majority, for the nation’s sake. But having a small majority, cobbled up with another political partner may not always be a bad thing after all!

More time may be devoted to thinking about the daily issues affecting people’s lives, and the far-reaching consequences of whatever they may want to legislate for. And that may not be a bad thing. Call me cynical; but do I care? NO!! And if they don’t behave themselves; to the country we’ll go again. The decision is theirs. They can take it or leave it or put up or shut up. At this time, there’s plenty for all to ponder. So enough of this spin of hollow victories. If anything, a Pyrrhic victory it is! For there has been such a devastating toll on the victor that it is tantamount to defeat. No one has been victorious, or emerged a victor. Neither of the two big Parties got what was set out on their political stalls. And the heavy toll all round, negates a true sense of achievement or profit for either.




As we went to press, Prime Minister Theresa May announced that she was forming a government , despite calls from across the political aisle and itizenry for her to resign.  The Prime Minister , after meeting with Queen Elizabeth 11, announced publicly from No. 10 Downing Street : “I have just been to see Her Majesty the Queen and I will now form a government.”

She told the rapt nation and the world that she will form the government with the support of the Northern Ireland Democratic Union Party ( DUP ) ,  which had 10 seats , added o her conservative party’s 318 seats to form a majority in the House of Commons.





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