Update on alleged attempted coup : 80 soldiers in police custody


*Ministry of Information and Civic Education’s Press Conference*

*12th December 2023*


♦Information and Civic Education Minister Chernor Bah updated the public on the amount of weapons recovered and those outstanding. 47 AK47s were stolen, while 29 AK47s were recovered and 18 AK47s are outstanding. 7 RPGs were stolen, 5 recovered while 2 RPGs are outstanding. Also, 100 empty magazines were stolen and are still out there.

♦The Inspector General of Police William Fayia Sellu said 80 suspects are in custody. 50 are serving Military officers, 5 dismissed Military officers, 7 serving police officers, 1 senior retired police officer, 15 civilians, 1 correction service officer and Former President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.

♦IGP Sellu added that, out of the 80 they have collected 68 statements and all have been forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office for further action. 12 suspects are still under questioning and interrogation.

♦The Inspector General of Police disclosed that, in agreement with former President’s lawyers and party executives they agreed that, they could not put the former President in the cell but he will be restricted in his house with a limited number of visitors from family and lawyers. Also, his movement in and out of his house must be sanctioned by the Inspector General of Police.

♦The interrogation of the former President continues until a conclusion is reached. IGP Sellu categorically made it clear that former President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma is a suspect in the ongoing failed coup investigation.

♦The Minister of Trade and Industry Mr. Ibrahim Alpha Sesay informed the public that Standard Bureau will be privatized to enhance global standards. He said Standard Bureau must have the capacity to test our local produce for global consumption. He assured the public that very soon a standard lab will be established to certify food items for export.

♦ Trade Minister also assured the public that, by next year, two cement factories will start production which will have a great impact on the prices. Cement and plywood prices will go down as a result of massive local production by next year.

♦ The Ministry of Trade in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and National Revenue Authority is working to create a one-stop shop for all payments to clear goods from the port by business people.

♦The Founder of Creative Hub Africa Isatu Harrison hailed business partnerships for successful entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone. She noted that her business has survived over the years due to partnerships with other organizations including MDAs.

♦ The Minister of Information and Civic Education and the Inspector General of Police thanked citizens for exhibiting their civic duties so far. Both of them called on citizens to be vigilant to help police capture the fugitives. A handsome reward of Nle50,000 is up for grabs for anyone who helps the police find these fugitives.

*©Ministry of Information and Civic Education*

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