When Politics Goes to The Gutters And Moral Decadence: Montage of VP Foh!!!

There is no iota of doubt that the montage of Vice President Victor Bockarie Foh could have been posted on the social media by a desperate, despicable, morally bankrupt, insidious and ungodly opposition fanatic.


For some people, the game of politics lack principles and moral values. Hence, they will fall low to achieve their political points by whatever means.
But to the surprise, dismay and chagrin of majority of sober-minded citizens, a montage of VP Foh depicting him naked was and is still the least one could expect from an elusive lady who thinks myopically in her mind that, by posting that political gibberish, she could disrobe VP Foh of his human dignity and upright standing in society.

Indeed it is a case of politics being thrown by desperate politicians to the dogs, the gutters and utter moral decadence.

The media in all facets cannot allow for such immorality and rudeness by an elusive lady working on a montage to paint VP Foh in bad light.
After taking a view of the photo, it is apparent it was the handiwork of a devil as the features, contours, etc of the body cannot, repeat, cannot match up to the aging body of VP Foh.

It was just a cut, join and paste handiwork which to all intents and purposes is an affront to the people of Sierra Leone whose love for decency and moral rectitude is strong and eternal.

Indeed that montage could not yield any political dividend for the political party to which the elusive lady belongs.
Is she a member of SLPP or a loyalist of former VP Sam Sumana? I would like to infer.


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