‘Without Turkey, I would not be a minister today’

Sierra Leone’s Information Minister Mohamed Bangura, an ex-refugee, speaks to Anadolu Agency

'Without Turkey, I would not be a minister today'

By Meltem Bulur and Sibel Ugurlu


If it were not for Turkey’s help, I would not be a minister today, Sierra Leone’s minister of information and communications, Mohamed Bangura has said.

In an exclusive interview with Anadolu Agency on Wednesday, Bangura, an ex-refugee, said Turkey opened its door to him when he needed help the most.

“If Turkey had not given me the chance to take refuge 19 years ago, I could not be sitting here as a minister today.

“This is where I will commend the government for their policy of the Syrian refugees,” Bangura said adding that the international community should appreciate Turkey instead of criticizing its role in Syria “when Turkey has not been part of any war”.

“They are now paying a price of a war in which they are not involved in,” the minister said.

Bangura said he came to Turkey 19 years ago, and stayed for six months as a refugee before he went to Canada following the approval of his application for political asylum.

“I know what it is to be a victim of war… there are millions of people that are living in refugee camps as they had to flee their homes because of the wars and conflicts,” Bangura said, calling on the international community to help cease the conflicts through diplomatic means.

The Sierra Leonean minister was in Turkey on an official visit, accompanying President Ernest Bai Koroma.

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