By Tony Bee PS II Australia APC


NEC Chief Commissioner, N’fa Alie Conteh and his unpatriotic attitude and critical blunders have created just another subject of talks across the globe, especially among Sierra Leoneans. This is particularly shameful to all Sierra Leonean men.


Is it that Chief Commissioner N’fa Alie Conteh has brought shame to men Sierra Leonean men because when that same office was occupied by a woman, Dr Christiana Thorpe, she performed excellently in conducting two successive elections without any serious issues. More interestingly, she is one of the few Chief Returning Officers in African that has conducted free and fair Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Council elections that resulted in the peaceful transfer of power from the incumbent to the opposition.


During those elections, there were extreme tensions from all political parties, their surrogates and supporters. The composure of Dr Thorpe and her unwavering commitment were key in dealing with the challenges at the time. She meticulously planned and carefully delivered both elections on time. The fact was that as a good citizen, she put the interest of the nation ahead of any political party affliction or husband’s interest.


According to my Radar, the alleged Chief Commissioner N’fa Alie Conteh’s wife assuring the Sierra Leone People’s Problems (SLPP) of wining the elections overnight has something to do with the deliberate election data tampering to satisfy his wife’s impotent political party at the expense of the nation. If that is true, I don’t really know if they think the national issue, especially a very important issue in the country like the general elections, should be a husband and wife issue or it is a bed room issue.


Probably because of the alleged assurance coming from the wife of N’fa Alie Conteh, we are seeing the SLPP seemingly turning blind eyes on the data issue in the country. The alleged missing data seemed to be in their favour more than the other political parties, especially the ruling APC in the country. And seemingly that is why the SLPPers are trying to go all out to defend N’fa Alie Conteh who seems not to put the interest of the country’s peace and security first but that of his wife and political party undercover affiliation with his alleged criminal lieutenants in the NEC office.


At the same time according to my Radar, some of the mushrooms political parties’ undercover so-called civil society groups are also in defence of N’fa Alie Conteh. According to my Radar, the reason being, some of those mushrooms undercover political party supporters or so-called human rights or civil society groups were organised or set up by the defunct 2007 SLPP to seek their interest clandestinely at the expense of other political parties especially the APC. According to such allegations, since APC took power in 2007, we have been seeing a semblance of some such allegations. That is certain so-called civil society organisations that are expected to be independent bodies seeking the interest of the voiceless people in a very genuine way in the country ironically are being accused of supporting the disarray opposition SLPP undercover.


Mind you, whilst we are not against praising and recognising the hard work of NEC officials, this will also not prevent us from throwing light against their unpatriotic attitudes and behaviours that led to the disappearance of the missing data of voters in the country. Because hard work is not a qualification for them to defraud the nation to satisfy their ill motives against the country’s peace and progress. Above all they are paid for doing the job. So, I want the defenders of NEC to know this very well. Therefore, in the interest of the country’s peace and security, it is time they stop their double standards.



In view of that any individual or group of Sierra Leoneans who hold the view that Chief Commissioner N’fa Alie Conteh should not be blamed alone for the deliberate disappearance of over thirty thousand Sierra Leoneans data, is a complete hypocrite and sycophant.  He or she is also a complete enemy of the nation’s peace. To the turncoat Sierra Leoneans, who normally see Red and says it Green because of your selfish interest even at the expense of the country, if we are not to blame Alie Conteh who are we to blame? Are we to blame the gods who are just ordinary gods?


Because in any system of administration, the head of that administration bears the good and bad name of such institution. That is why in many of my writings I always state that any head of administration or department should not be an armchair boss or bedroom boss. Monitoring and evaluation of your subordinates should always be your tasks. The fact is, some of them are saboteurs and agents of their kith and kins. As such, at regular intervals you should go to their chairs or offices to ask them about their assigned task, and what they have done towards such task. Call for their files and go through them individually. However, provided if you the boss you are honest or sincere in carrying the duties of your job as a patriotic administrator.


However, God is great. He really loves Sierra Leone. He really wants us to live in peace in the country.  He wants us to conduct a unique free and fair elections in the country like those of the days of the patriotic and nationalistic woman Dr. Thorpe, who put the interest of the country first than self-corrupt mind. That is why He, God brought out this satanic inhumane criminal elections data plan even the conclusion of party primaries so that we will find lasting solution to such devilish plan properly by try to bring the culprits to book.


Chief Commissioner N’fa Alie Conteh has brought a big disgrace to the men of Sierra Leone. The fact is, he has given more chance to the women of Sierra Leone to challenge the men in the country, especially women of good substance. Honestly speaking, the blunder made by Chief Commissioner N’fa Alie Conteh would have been a very serious problem in the country if it would have come up during or after the elections’ results. But we thank God for enlightening us now.


If that was the miracle that the disorganised and violent SLPPers were relying on, let them look for another miracle but this one has completely failed them. I called it miracle because the SLPPers themselves know that there is NO way they will win the coming 2018 general elections because of their self-destructive in fighting.


They themselves have been predicting that, especially the straight forward and genuine SLPP members. One of the big questions is how can SLPP go for general elections with a divided mind, amidst “sonkoh, sonkoh, dombolo and nambara”? They cannot even conduct a credible free and fair elections within their own party. What will they have to say if they lose the NATIONAL election?



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