God sends a rainbow to encircle the sun on APC’s big day in Freetown


Sierra Leoneans were today  treated to an unusual  natural phenomenon many people confessed that they had never seen  before in the country when a beautifully-colored rainbow appeared in the sky and encircled the sun around noon as the massive political rally of the ruling All People’s Congress ( APC ) began taking shape.

Though rainbows in the sky are common in the country, this was the first time many Sierra Leoneans had seen a rainbow encircling the sun.

The event was quickly given a spiritual interpretation as the sun is the symbol of the APC.


The rainbow has a spiritual significance in the Bible

Genesis 9 : 13 -15 “I have set my rainbow in the clouds and it will be a sign of the covenant between me and earth. … ..The waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh. The rainbow shall be in the cloud , and I will look on it to remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth “.

Though God chose a landmark day to declare it — The day of the mass rally of the ruling APC —I will try my best not to politicize this remarkable sign from God this morning.

First of all, the rainbow that you saw today encircling the sun is a message from God that his love , mercy and grace are still on our nation. Some people will interpret it as just a coincidental natural phenomenon, but it is not. God is reminding our nation that he still loves us and will not forget his covenant to us. God will look at the rainbow and remember his promise that he will never destroy the earth again with water. God is a covenant keeping God. He is not man that he will forget his promise.


Some very pessimistic and unnationalistic Sierra Leoneans, because of partisan SLPP/APC politics , would want us to believe that God is very angry with Sierra Leone and the disasters we are having are a sign of his anger. But I recently bought  a very valuable , old, colonial  times vintage history book by the Britisher, T.J. Aldridge,  titled “A TRANSFORMED COLONY SIERRA LEONE AS IT WAS , AND AS IT IS, IT’S PROGRESS , NA TI AND CUSTOMS” , written in 1910 , and among other things,  this book shows clearly that Freetown has always been a disaster -prone settlement. And it has become worse because of the massive environmental damage we have done to it. Therefore,  we do not have wars, Ebola or floods because God is mad with us. God is a loving and merciful God.

Secondly, God is not a partaker in our politics. WHEN he looks at us, he does not see us as APC or SLPP. He sees us as his children and his creation.Therefore, despite all our mistakes, sin, evil deeds, enmity etc, we are still covered by his covenant and his grace, love and mercies. And that was what he was reminding us about today, on a very big day when the ruling party is having a mammoth rally.

Indeed, as an APC supporter, I am very glad that God chose the day of our biggest rally to manifest himself to us. I am even tempted to rejoice and think that he is saying that the APC will win. I will continue to strive not to give the rainbow even an entire  political meaning. My joy is however  my personal business and what I will tell my APC brothers and sisters is that they too should be glad and should rejoice that the rainbow appeared on a day like this, on our  big day, with a message of hope and fulfillment of God’s promise.

I repeat the fact not to be denied that the rainbow around the sun today  has a very deep spiritual meaning . The APC symbol is the sun, and the rainbow came and encircled the sun on the day the APC is the party scheduled to hold their final rally in the nation’s capital. If  the rainbow spiritually stands for promise and hope, as an APC  supporter, I am entitled to rejoice. Only God knows  whether it means that his hand is on the APC and that the APC will continue to rule the nation. Many will be tempted to interpret it that way, including your humble servant, though I have  postulated before that God is neither APC, SLPP, nor NGC or C4C. I want to stick to my previous message. God does not take sides, though power comes from him. In his infinite wisdom, he will give us the man he wants to be our President. But the rainbow was definitely meant to send a message.

I will not disguise the fact that I am excited and delighted that God chose to have the rainbow encircle our symbol, the sun, on the day of our rally.My enemies must forgive me for my joy. I will not make any further political pronouncements and will leave it at that because God’s Word is a positive message to everybody . Only God knows why it happened during our day. But that does not mean we cannot rejoice and make our own interpretations. We are entitled to our views if we said that  the rainbow is a conformation that God is with the APC and  that it will win.

That said,  I can also personally pray  that this message of hope and promise represented by the rainbow accompany us to the day of the elections and help us to have a free, fair, credible and peaceful election.

May God bless our nation.

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