Do not believe every story or photo posted on social media by detractors of the APC Government


Sierra Leone sorry tay. While our poor people are suffering, instead of people praying for God to turn it around, look at the malicious and despicable politics they are engaged in on FACEBOOK. As if politicizing Ebola is not itself a despicable act, look at what they are doing now.

SLPP Germany Facebook Page is showing this photo as a picture of displaced and hungry lockdown victims of makeni, who could no longer have it and have broken out to line up for food and water The people do not even look like Sierra Leoneans. There is no Temne looking person in that photo. The people look like Congolese . The open space does not even represent anywhere in Makeni. People have told me that Makeni was in complete lockdown and nobody broke out in such large numbers to come and hunt for food. THE PICTURE IS FAKE.



While it is true that Ebola has brought untold suffering to our people, there is no reason to fake photos from other countries to amplify it in the social media, for political gains. This is very dirty, poisonous and dangerous politics. I do not care how desperate the imperative in the SLPP to come to power, they must not try to do it through trickery . This is very shameful and disgraceful.

You think you are embarrassing President Koroma and the Government. You are not. You are embarrassing only yourselves, because people will detect these fraudulent practices and know the kind of bogus and counterfeit politics you are playing. You think you love Sierra Leone. You don’t. You are just helping to damage the international image of your country, just to be able to come to power by fraudulent means. After you have slashed and burned your country, what do you hope to preside over if you ever come to power ?

So you see now why we have fallen behind Liberia, Guinea and other countries ? We are our own enemies. Liberians do not hate their country because the person they do not support is in power. They criticize their government but they do not go the lengths we sink to make our country look bad because somebody belonging to the other party is in power.

Sierra Leoneans, we must stop being gullible and try to investigate the authenticity of these pictures and stories before we believe them. People are using social media for all kinds of dishonorable practices and politics. We used to be very intelligent people. We should not fall for such a scam. This is not Makeni. Politics is getting dirtier by the minute in Sierra Leone. We sorry taaay.

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