Guma Valley Dam has oulived its capacity to serve overpopulated Freetown

By Ambassador Charles C. Boye

This dam was constructed in the days of our ancestors and was serving less than 5000 inhabitants in the Freetown municipality. The dam is dilapidated, old fashion , very very small to supply water to half of the Western part of the city; how do we expect a stable water supply in the Capital with this kind of structure?

The dam is not just small but can’t save water anymore because it leaks and wast lot of gallons per day. This means the dam can no longer reserved enough water for the dries but we as citizens do not know and understand why the shortage of water supply every dry season❗️The truth is all the main Guma Valley Dams in the Capital have dried of water just like this Regent Dam; which means we would suffer for water in the next 2-3 month while we patiently looking forward to the raining Season😌


When u wanna dance and hail past governments and present government as a citizen make sure you are enjoying this basic facilities, it is your right and not a favor from our government . We are neglecting our roles as citizens to force governments to do what is best for us but spend the rest of our life’s praising and defending evil politicians and we then sit expecting Guma Valley to do the magic to provide us stable water supply.

President Bio may I humbly draw your attention to this pressing issue for an immediate action? This will not only make you the people’s President but will write your name in the minds of the citizens of Freetown Capital that you changed what no other President has done since we gained a democratic and multiparty system.

The people have entrusted this blessed land into your care, please do not disappoint them; fight for them and protect their interest above any other person or institution.

Your action oriented Minister of Energy The Hon. Alhaji Kanja Sesay has done a tremendous work in improving and sustaining the electricity supply in the Capital and we are all proud of his relentless effort. We want to see this same effort being done in the Ministry that is responsible for Water Supply; we are tired of promises and excuses, we want feasible improvements and project being put into actions.

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