Iraq job seeker’s parents blame Govt.


Sunday August 21, 2005


By Tamba Borbor, COCORIOKO’S City Editor


Mr. Alieu Taylor Kamara, the father of repatriated Iraq job seeker, Alusine Taylor Kamara has blamed the Government for the plight of his son.


Speaking to Mr. Taylor-Kamara at his home at Masoila Lungi, he disclosed that upon arrival at their residence, his son, Alusine was seen with a bandaged head and complained of body pains. He went on to explain that when he questioned the boy regarding the reason for having a bandage wrapped around his head, the 21-year-old SS3 pupil of the Bullom Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary School explained that he sustained serious injuries when a bomb was detonated close to his place of work while in Iraq.


“He told me he is feeling pain in the chest after been hit by fragment on the chest and ribs in Baghdad, Iraq,” Mr. Taylor-Kamara went on to say. He added that the boy told him that while he was admitted at a hospital in Baghdad, his employers surprisingly brought his ticket to return back home to Sierra Leone.  Upon arrival at their home at Masoila, Alusine according to the dad was unable to alight from the vehicle that brought him to the house, as he complained of severe pain.


Asked what he would like to see done about the present condition of his son, Mr. Taylor-Kamara stated that as his son had signed a year’s contract with the employers, he should be paid in full all what he is due in addition to receiving sober medical treatment. He blamed the Government for negotiating a deal that would endanger the lives of its citizens under the cloak of job creation. “Our children were taken into slavery in Iraq and I blame the President and his Cabinet because they should have been aware of all this,” Mr. Taylor-Kamara said.


Meanwhile, during a radio programme- “Night Line” on Radio UNAMSIl last Friday, a Sierra Leonean caller from Iraq- Mr. Smith who said he is the Manager of the Camp where the job seekers from Sierra Leone are being kept, denied the story of Alusine Taylor-Kamara. He disclosed that he (Mr. Smith) escorted ten of his Sierra Leoneans colleagues to the Airport to board a homebound flight after they had failed a medical test conducted in Iraq.


Mr. Smith categorically denied that any Sierra Leonean has never being a victim of a bombing in Iraq; adding that the ten who have been sent back home did not successfully go through the medical test. However, an official of Faith Consortium- a Non-Governmental Organization confirmed on the same radio programme on Friday that Alusine was in their care but was not seen again not too long before he (Alusine) was suppose to tell his story during the radio programme.


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