Hashim Daboh and Muhammed Ahmed gives their views on national matters

First_Name:  Hashim
Last_Name:  Daboh
Email_Address:  Gboyama@yahoo.com
Address:  36 Copley Road
City:  Upper Darby
State:  PA
Zip_Code:  19082
Comments:  Kabs, thanks for the effort to print diverse views for the public to digest and draw conclusions. In response to bro. Tucker’s request for “proof” of TJ’s corrupt practices as a leader, I’ll only ask all and sundry to do a minute soul searching and look beyond the horizon to see the opulent life style of our rulers and the masses who suffered most in the rebel rampage coupled with the level and proper use of International assistances we have so far received with reality  on the ground.

I dare not reduce the dicusssion to a pen pushing tug of war,but to ask for proof of bank accounts and others is a bit too elementary of a premise in this wider context. But really that won’t be a problem if TJ would allow an independent body to properly investigat his personal dealings and that of the Ministers he supervises.

But again if Bro. Tucker can tell the masses the simple source of  funding for the private Construction works of Kabbah’s ministers  and other appointees and the source of funding for all their family members  who only settled abroad after  such appointee assumed  the  political office he now /she now enjoys ,then may be, we’ll have a starting line for the race to reality.

But as usual,that is the easiest way  public detractors  think  they can “shut up” others to stop talking ; because the Pa has done so well that he has decided to keep the cities in black out in a frantic effort keep everything “under cover”.
Anyway am glad that state House stringers will soon join the talk here on ‘Rico.
Happy New Year bro. Tucker and please don’t forget to send me copies of real successes of Ngor TJ, and least I forget, is it true that ngor Solo is using the contract contacts to help his elections come when,if nominated.
Ladies and gentle men ,welcome to the race.
Least I forget,is TJ still using his Private Home executive offices and wehat about his emoulments . Has he started taking his pay checque now or still just a volunteer. Bro. Tucker, my New Year resolution is to ensure that corruption in Sierra Leone will be investigated while the appointees are active not when they have left . Sa. Lone nar we  all yone.



First_Name:  Muhammed
Last_Name:  Ahmed
Email_Address:  leonestars@hotmail.com
Comments:  Mr Kanu, please do not be so quick to condemn Mr Khadi, he has only been apointed for less than 1 year so I think you should not rush to judgement.

Up to this time I have considered you one of the fair guys on the
net. One thing I know for sure is that Mr Khadi has been working hard to  get the ball rolling again and he is getting the provinces involved as he should.

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