N’fa Allie is an embarrassment to Sierra Leone : What the people say

The current slpp Bio administration is completely fanning the flames of chaos in our post war Sierra Leone

The International community and our donor partners must note…….

As Sierra Leone in complete mess under slpp Bio leadership

Baba Musa Karmara A total disgrace to Sierra Leone as a country.

Thomas Moore Conteh N’fa Alie continues to embarrass himself and and the entire nation. He comes across as a man of low self-esteem. If not checked, he has the proclivity of plunging this nation into civil unrest. He is a very incompetent man.

Karim Bah Why cancel the entire 135 polling stations when only 1 polling stations encountered violence? Why? Pls help me understand. It that in the law books?

Ramatu Koroma

Karim Bah the said polling station emcountered violence, not fraud, resulting in the entire cancellation of the results. Where are we heading

Abdul Kamara U said it rightly it a clear manifestation that the ruling party lost the elections and the current NEC administration can’t withstand that pressure so that’s their last option according to their game plan. It also shows how battered our democracy has become

Alimu Jalloh If things continue like this and with Nfah as NEC boss, am afraid Sierra Leone will one day be plunged into violence.
Maxwell Kamara Lord please save our land from the hands of this wicked politician’s….
Umaru Bah The moment we understand that there are only two objectives of our politicians then we should have caution ourselves long ago..
1 how they should be elect in office
2 how the should be reelectedAll of them are running to Government offices so that they can gather the State resources.The changes the Sierra leonea people voted are yet to me seen in president Boi Government.#NEC… Lol disgrace

Yankuba Kai-samba
Cancellation of election demonstrate incompetence and could in future plunge the entire election process in unmanageable chaos.

Jonathan Salone Borbor Seamer

Nfa Alie has failed to conduct the election in a manner consistent with the dictates of the constitution. He wanted the rogue Paopa SLPP party to prevail. He had committed irregularities in the transmission of results. He should resign and be persecuted . It is now apparent that the entire NEC is rotten.
Is it now law that all elections conducted by Nfa Alie must be won at all cost by SLPP Government🤔


The SLPP Paopa administration and NEC N’fa Alie continues to keep the masses divided and resentful. Thinking about anything but their poor policy and leadership that benefits only the current unpopular unproductive SLPP leadership. A broken party with broken citys and broken leadership functioning through an ignorant base.. N’fa the people of Sierra Leone are losing their patience..
Davidson L Bangura This is funny.
Madaa bio and his people are all stupid.
Stupidity runs in their leanage.
Anyway sha,dem go run, 2023

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