President Ernest Koroma’s eight year score card remains impeccable


President Ernest Bai Koroma is the head of state that will be remembered forever by his compatriots because he is the President who has done far more than any other leader has ever done for Sierra Leone.

This is not a question of opinion. It boils down to opinion only when the proof is abstract and there are no concrete evidence to substantiate a conjecture. In the case of President Koroma, the evidence is so physical and tangible that there is no dispute about the validity of the statement.



President Koroma has executed more development projects in Sierra Leone than any leader since we achieved Independence in 1961. He has built new roads, new markets, new malls , new bridges, new administrative buildings and new hospitals. His Government has boosted agriculture and the health care system, regardless of whatever problems still haunt these structures.

Under President Koroma, Sierra Leone has shed her old image of being the darkest country in the world. Electricity is now constant in the city and main towns.

President Ernest Koroma turned Sierra Leone into a works yard with development projects and infrastructural developments all over the place .

Democracy and the Rule of Law are flourishing in Sierra Leone during the reign of President Ernest Koroma.

With still two years to go, if no other natural disaster hits the nation by the grace of God, President Koroma will accomplish more socio-economic and political dividends for our country.

We therefore urge members of the opposition and dissident elements to tone down their propaganda against President Koroma because it is yielding no benefits for them. The President remains as popular as ever and is respected all over the country and the world. Rather, they should jump on board and help President Koroma continue his brilliant initiatives and undying commitment to make Sierra Leone a stronger and better nation for the benefit of us all.

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