The planned mass demonstrations against President Bio in New York during the UN General Assembly


By COCORIOKO Diplomatic Correspondent

The New York demonstrations against Bio are not APC events. They will be organized by the CONCERNED CITIZENS FOR DEMOCRACY AND HUMAN RIGHTS IN SIERRA LEONE . This is an organization that comprises disaffected APC, SLPP, NGC, C4C , PDP, UNPP members.

According to the organizers, the leaders belong to all tribes—Mendes, Temnes, Creoles , Lokos, Fulas, Madingoes etc. They are Sierra Leoneans very disappointed with President Bio for his human rights abuses, tribalism, indiscriminate dismissals of Northerners and Westerners and his bankrupt economic policies which have brought extreme hardship on the Sierra Leonean people.


The organizers told me that they have learnt that Mr. Sidique Wai, Bio’s appointed Ambassador to the U.S, who works for the Police, IS TRYING TO INTERFERE WITH THE PROCESS of permit-granting , but I have no confirmation of this as Mr. Wai himself knows that it is an illegal act, punishable by law in America and the organizers say they are not taking the rumor lightly and plan to bring it to the highest authorities available. I personally believe Mr. Wai is a law-abiding gentleman and will not interfere with the constitutional rights of citizens and foreign residents.

For Sierra Leoneans saying that Bio will not be permitted into the U.S, it is not true. He is coming to attend the UN General Assembly and usually, the U.S. is compelled to allow every leader from a UN member state to attend, because the UN does not belong to America.

President Bio will be granted a visa to attend the UN General Assembly , which he is scheduled to address on September 27, 2018. Yes, Bio is coming to the U.S for the UN General Assembly, although he will not be permitted to move with a 40 kilometers (about 25 miles) radius from the UN headquarters and should depart immediately after addressing the General Assembly.

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