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This post is a response to Pastor Gibrilla Dumbuya ‘s question on his Facebook Wall about why the APC allowed the SLPP to criticize them in power but now the SLPP do not want to allow the APC to criticize them in power.


SLPP BOOTLICKERS and GRAVY-SEEKERS go around crying and complaining to our families for us to be advised to stop writing about or attacking their government .

They even lie and create fake fears that we are endangering our families. When did democracy boil down to such things ? When we were in power, did we stop them from criticizing and attacking us ?

Look at all the people who were insulting some of us . UDAT DEN CUSS PASS ME ? I, in particular, was not even responding to them. They insulted me as they liked. Even people fit to be my daughters behaved rudely to me. But did I threaten them ?

I decided in my mind ( and good and respectable folks called me privately too to advice me ) that some of the people attacking me were not fit to be responded to and that I will be bringing myself down to answer them. I listened and did not reply . Why don’t these SLPP people display the same maturity ?

Some of us even allowed them to attack us in our pages and forums in the spirit of democracy. They are using MIND GAMES on our family to get them to stop us from speaking out. SLPP are in power today because we allowed them to criticize us and expose our faults and weaknesses. If you don’t want to be touched by monkey tail, do not attend monkey dance. If you can’t stand the heat of the kitchen, move out of there.

Politics thrives on democracy. The opposition attacks the Government and the Government responds with cogent explanation. That is the way it has been in our country .

I have been a journalist under different governments—Albert Margai’s SLPP, Juxon -Smith’s NRC, Siaka Stevens’ APC, Brig. Momoh’s APC, the NPRC, Kabbah’s SLPP , EBK’s APC and Bio’s SLPP. Some of us even went to jail for opposing the government. Where were these people crying with our names today to our families when we were jailed at Pademba Road Prisons for criticizing the government ? Where were they ?

Now, we are villains because it is the SLPP we are opposing. I think the SLPP and their many GRAVY-SEEKERS should grow up and leave us alone to do our work.

The SLPP is not a sacred cow. President Bio is not a sacred cow. If people criticized Pa Shaki, Pa Kabbah and Ernest Koroma , Bio too should be criticized. Please stop crying to my family members about my attacks on the SLPP . What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander ! ! ! ! What is sauce for the APC must be sauce for the SLPP.

We are in a democracy , not KAMAJORCRACY. We have a constitutional right to express ourselves just as you did when we were in power.

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