APC Government to go tough on political violence in Sierra Leone

Speaking with military firmness, President Koroma told the  jam-packed crowd at the Brima Attouga Stadium in the Eastend of Freetown on  Saturday, January 21, 2012 (where he had gone to launch the APC’s campaign to  urge its partisans to register with the new biometric system for the November  2012 General elections in Sierra Leone), that the recent violence that erupted  after a bi-election in the Fourah Bay area, Eastend of Freetown, “would never  happen again”. President Koroma told the crowd that his government awaits the “investigation” of the police on the matter to know whether the police are ready  to “live up to their responsibilities”; and, with a veiled threat – tinged with  his resolve that the “Law is Supreme” – he said that henceforth his government  would not just ‘investigate’ matters, but, would take resolute action to prevent  such violence, and bring to book perpetrators.The crowd cheered  wildly

He said the International Criminal Court has “grabbed Charles  Taylor…(former President of Liberia)”; and “Gbagbo is also facing the ICC”… (former President of Ivory Coast); “Some of them here will have to face the ICC  too….”, for he has invited the ICC into Sierra Leone, the President of Sierra  Leone said. He said that some of those who think they can  stimulate violence with impunity may not be around to take part in the November,  2012 General Elections in Sierra Leone.The crowd shouted their  approval.

While insisting that the ceremony was not one for political  campaigning, President Koroma apparently lashed out at his political opponents  who he obliquely accused of being  behind the spate of political violence in the  country: “Don’t take us back into the Darkness from which we have come  from”.And, using the apt imagery of the APC party symbol, the  sun, President Koroma said, “You can’t cover the sunlight.The  sun’s light can’t be blocked.Even if you are in a hole, the sun’s  light would manage to penetrate there…We are not turning back  with the development we engaged in now…”. The crowd chanted  praises to him enthusiastically; and the women broke into a Temne song that  said, ‘It is not just bluffing that you will do this or that…You must show us  what you can do, like our Ernest has done for us…’.


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