As opposition plays ducks and drakes with country’s welfare, President Koroma acts decisively to extend State of Emergency

President Ernest Bai Koroma , by this action, has shown again that he is not ruling Sierra Leone under the shadow of an uncooperative opposition. . He has shown who is legally in charge in Sierra Leone and who cares better for the welfare of the people—–and once again he has delivered this message with flawless and uncompromising dispatch.  He has shown a boldness and willingness to blaze ahead of the affray legally  , if only to pursue the good of his nation. 
While the opposition is playing ducks and drakes with the people’s health and the nation’s welfare, as is their wont , President Koroma  quickly moved today to extend the State of Health Emergency in the country. demonstrating with authority and clarity  what separated him from the many jokers in the opposition camp–THE ABILITY TO BE WISE, SWIFT AND DECISIVE IN THE NATION’S INTEREST
That is what makes an effective leader —The ability not to leave any vacuum for the opposition to exploit.  Nature does not countenance a vacuum. Somebody has to be in charge. Whether it is the running and maintenance of a home, school, church , or a business. Somebody must be in charge and if that person does not take charge when it matters , somebody else will do so, often with unpleasant results. This will never happen under President Koroma’s watch . 
By taking the bull by the horns this morning to extend the State of Emergency , President Koroma has demonstrated to the people of Sierra Leone and the international world why Sierra Leone , faced with multitudinous challenges, will always keep her head above the waters during his tenure. He is in charge . And he is determined to pursue and promote the welfare of the nation. .As should be expected, President Koroma has the backing of the nation.  As President J.F. Kennedy manifested  in 1960 for his country , all patriotic Sierra Leoneans, for their country,  are also   “ready to pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of liberty”, in our case , the liberty to pursue the supreme interest of our nation. 
President Koroma  will not play ball with those who think they can politicize  anything and everything, even the national health . The President will not suffer those determined to jeopardize the well-being and longevity  of the people, and plunge the nation into very deep health and political  crises.

Until we record the very last case of Ebola, record no cases for 45 straight days  and are declared ebola-free, the State of Emergency is maintain that heightened state of national awareness and carefulness relative to a country facing  a major health crisis . The State of Emergency is also necessary to galvanize everybody   to continue to observe the Ebola protocols and precautions.  Anybody who loves the nation will support the State of Emergency, knowing fully well  that our people have not been very compliant with these  Ebola protocols and precautions, which did only only help to spread the disease during the peak of the outbreak, but has made expectations of ending the outbreak much like WAITING FOR GODOT. Only  people with love for their country  would acknowledge the fact that it would been premature and dangerous to life the State of Emergency.

The Government is therefore  doing nothing except seeking the people’s welfare by extending the State of Emergency. What is more haunting than the spectre of another full-blown ebola outbreak ?  Does the opposition really care about this prospect ? DO THEY CARE IF OUR PEOPLE PERISH ?

The opposition cannot say they are not aware of the dangers President Koroma is fighting to curb. Serious violations of the ebola protocols and precautions have taken place before the very eyes of these opposition elements  clamoring for the lifting of the emergency .Despite all the warnings, public education and unforgiving effects from the deadly disease itself when protocols and precautions are not rigidly followed, we found that people still congregated , bathed their dead, engaged in dangerous burials, dug up buried bodies to perform rituals  and took in or lived with the ebola sick without alerting the authorities, even with the State of Emergency in place. How can people who pretend to love the nation advocate for the lifting of the health emergency under these circumstances and especially when we are still recording new ebola cases, though at a minimal level, knowing it will only cause the outbreak to spiral out of control ?

WE HAVE A VERY SELFISH  AND SELF-OBSESSED OPPOSITION.  It is for no better reason than to score political points that the opposition wanted the State of Emergency lifted . It was not to achieve any good outcome, for what good results would any reasonable person expect from going totally  lax with a tricky and dangerous illness like Ebola ? . They just wanted to challenge, for the sake of mere opposition,  the authority and good pleasure of the government to rule the nation  judiciously and safely . What a shame when a political party places politics over the interest of the nation  .

ducks and drakes


The Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP )  cannot justifiably accuse the government of using the State of Emergency to violate human rights or commit atrocities against its citizens. This government of President Ernest Bai Koroma has one of the best records for respecting and promoting fundamental human rights and liberties. During the State of Health Emergency, the government ensured that fundamental rights and liberties were respected. What is all the clamour to lift the Emergency about, therefore  ? The answer is POLITICS. POLITICS IS THE NAME OF THE GAME. Politics is all that matters to the Sierra Leone opposition. They are adept at  feigning political correctness at the detriment of the nation. They will not accomplish these diabolical goals under the watch of President Ernest Koroma.

Reasonable as he is, President Koroma has relaxed some restrictions that he believes will not hamper the fight to end Ebola. But the State of Emergency, he is not going to lift, at least , not yet, for the good of everybody .

Sierra Leoneans should be  enthused that President Koroma has acted in their best interests once again, never mind the protestations of a petty opposition . They should be once again proud to have a President who puts the national welfare above politics. We have to defeat Ebola and one of the best ways we will accomplish that goal is to remain ever vigilant that there is a health crisis in our nation and to observe all the necessary protocols and precautions . Period. The times are not normal in the country as long as ebola lingers around . Let us all therefore throw our weight behind President Koroma and support the government’s  and the international community’s uncanny and relentless determination to make sure that this hydra-headed plague is conquered once and for all.

It is left with Parliament now to support  President Koroma and ratify the State of Emergency.  Parliamentarians, elected to serve as the custodians of the people’s interest, like the President, will have to demonstrate that when duty calls and the nation’s best interest is at stake, they will choose to do the right thing, which is to support any measure that will make our country stronger, better ,  healthier and safer.

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