Bo residents rejoice and hail APC as pipe-borne water returns after 35 years

By Bo correspondent :

Resident of Bo gathered in jubilation around New London, Shelmingo, Bojon Street Junction, Musa Street Junction, Bo Eastern Police Roundabout and Bo Clock Tower to witness the testing of the flow of pipe-borne water for the first time after 35 years.


pipe borne water

Some of the jubilant crowds were shouting “God bless APC, God bless President Koroma”.

The government development track in the South and Eastern region continues to make it almost impossible for the opposition SLPP to have grounds on  which they can boast of  having strongholds.

After 35 years of deprivation to pure drinking water, the nation’s  second capital Bo, has  President Koroma and his administration to thank for  now having pipe-borne water .


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