Campaign For Good Governance condemns humiliation of Freetown Mayor


I’ve seen videos of an altercation between the Freetown Mayor and the Deputy Minister of Local government. I’ve also spoken to independent-minded people who’ve been following the development all day. Mr Minister, however well intentioned you were to ensure the cleaning exercise went on smoothly, that was a despicable behavior possibly emanating from a deeply ingrained misogynistic attitude! Especially so because the Mayor was simply insisting on accountability and transparency in the process. This age-old inter-party rivalry descending into bellicoseness is nonsensical and not in the interest of Sierra Leone. In the last few months the mayor has undeservedly endured unnecessary harassment. The President should intervene and put an end to this madness. If she wasn’t a strong woman, Yvonne Aki Sawyer would have long been a casualty because of all this. Who wants to give public service under such circumstances!? Certainly not me!!

© Umaru Fofana

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