Koromanomics created jobs and jobs : It allows SLPP no gains approaching 2012 elections

By Arolyn I. Koroma, Washington, DC-USA :

October 8, 2011 :

The opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) is making no gains despite price increases on rice, Gas (petrol) and other commodities. This is because comparatively, the electorate prefers a down-turn Koromanomics as opposed to an SLPP in the State House that will derail both national development and international gains made by Dr. Ernest Koroma’s administration.  Even more so, the electorate is more participative and educated now more than ever before. Most Sierra Leoneans are aware of the general state of the world economies. The high cost of oil (gas) in the world market has forced both the producers and suppliers to pass their added expenses to the end users, the consumers.  Up till now the opposition SLPP has no coherent platform, but good on rhetoric’s filled criticisms. They have nothing to offer the Sierra Leone electorate and hard working men and women.


The president’s hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. In January 2011, President Ernest Koroma was cited as 9th out of 52 most progressive African leaders, which also translated as Sierra Leone is 9th in overall world standings in terms of good governance in the Africa continent.

He was also chosen by the American Medical and Educational Services (AMES) for recognition amongst about one hundred African leaders during the Celebration of Distinguish Africans in America, and around the World. That is quite significant, looking back at 2007 when he took over leadership at a time when the country was last in every human advancement numerical listing (108 out of 108) with the World Bank, United Nations (UN), World Health Organization (WHO) and other reputable international agencies.

In his speech the Executive Director Dr. Albert M. Randall referred to President Koroma as one of Africa’s most industrious and visionary leaders to emerge in Africa in the 21st century. His implementation of the partially free Health Care, is unprecedented and worth emulating by both industrialized and third world nations. Dr. Koroma’s achievements in the three years he had served as Head of State in the not too long ago troubled nation is quite huge, added Mr. Randle

His Koromanomics policies are being vindicated by recent chaos taking place in Industrialize nations in Europe. For example; America is hit hard with a stubborn 9.2% inflation that is considered to be very high, and currently America is fighting to avoid default on its loans. The ugly economic issues in Greece, Cyprus, Italy and most recently the August 2011 riot in Britain, where the chickens came home to roost (Nations that engineer unrest in other countries got a taste of their making) , London was taken by surprise. The economic hardship took people to the streets, looting all the way to the city center. These internationally wide spread and unavoidable events are creating situations for critics to think twice in blaming president Koroma for the rise in commodity prices in a consumer nation like Sierra Leone. The previous Dr. Ahmed Tejan Kabba’s SLPP administration had a stagnant agricultural budget of about 2% for ten years for a nation that cannot sufficiently produce its staple food.  This department has experienced a modest budget increase of about 15% in three years, but only to be stifled by horrendous world economic events.

In retrospect, President Ernest Koroma’s Koromanomics policy brings more money in people’s pocket than any other period in Sierra Leone. His concentration was in creating jobs, jobs and jobs so that people can provide for their households despite collapsed world economies.

In the Northern Province, the Koroma administration once again gave life to the Iron Ore Mines that has been laid idle for more than three decades. The African Minerals and other mining companies operating the lucrative mines are now employing Sierra Leoneans irrespective of regional or ethnic origin. Soon the ministry of Health will be the highest government employing entity in the nation. With its many branches around the country, the A.P.C. government’s job creation policy cannot be compared and cannot be challenge by the opposition (S.L.P.P.) party’s miserable ten years rule.

Since the closure of the National Public Works Department (P.W.D.), the health department field is taking the slack. Thus, making the Sierra Leone Health Department probably the second largest employer after the mineral mining companies.

The Bread Basket of the nation, the Kono District’s diamond deposit is for the first time in decades bringing profit not only to the government, but also to the Kono District natives in the form of infrastructural development which benefit the local population.

Work on laying fiber optics cables beneath the Atlantic Ocean to facilitate Internet efficiency in the nation was completed earlier last month. This in itself is a step forward in assuring international investors that the country is ready to accommodate every type of investment.

Thanks to president Koroma’s visionary and able leadership. The nation is witnessing progress in all basic human needs including education and health care. Most cities which were out of reach from local commerce are now within easy reach or motorable. The president’s agenda for change is working. His vigilante in promoting accountability and transparency is producing positive results and it is attracting quality investors to the nation.

Currently Sierra Leone is attracting the rest of the world for a different reason. Which is the exploration of crude Oil, that for many years has been known to abundantly exist has began. It is steadily drawing another set of investors and it is creating employment as well.  This is in addition to the decades long many mineral resources that range from Diamond and Gold, Iron Ore, Chromites, Rutile, and Piassava.

President Dr. Koroma’s administration’s commitment to fight bribery and corruption, and the formation of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) is significant. Additionally, his nationwide inclusion of Transparency and Accountability in both the public sector and the Government establishment is luring quality investors from around the world. The Koroma administration’s action shows that the country is serious in safe-guarding the interest of the investors.

With these many endowed mineral resources Sierra Leone is vying for the region s position of being not only the Sub-Saharan gateway to the minerals, but of Africa.



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