By Francis Pa Santhkie Bangura, Acting Secretary
General APC, USA
This country has one perennial problem. I call it
perennial because it is endemic as well as systemic
in nature and has the capacity to remodel itself under
various guises. It is infectious and congenital in the
socio-economic fabric of this land of ours. It is the
unseen enemy.
Rebels left their physical and
psycho-social scars on all of us. We are still
grappling with those repercussions today!
But there is another menace that predates the war and
guess what? Unlike the war this menace is still here!
And it is growing at an alarming rate. Leaders have
come and gone and have either pacified or added to the
problem. But there have never been a time in our
history when this plague have become so identical and
tied to an incumbent administration as it is now. It
is no coincidence we have been ranked the poorest in
most international socio-economic indexes. What is
perplexing is those entrusted with running this nation
seem unapologetic to the economic mess and dog eat
dog mayhem that they unleashed on us.
Post-war reconstruction provided the opportunity to be
marinated in donor cash and instead of building
bridges with this impoverished nation, rather they
marooned themselves in series of gated mansions that
may not be unconnected with donor cash. The very
reason why the next APC government will give
prosecutorial teeth to the Anti-corruption Commission.
The aim is to connect the dots and tie a loop on
assets and cash acquired unethically and those from
public funds. ACC, do not be despondent, help is on
its way! We share your frustrations, fighting a cat
and mouse game with the powers that be. The run around
is almost over.
Anti-Corruption Commission will not be hamstrung with
red tape under an APC government.
Public servants deserve a living wage that will
discourage pilfering the public purse. Added to a
decent retirement plan. This is to forestall amassing
public funds for departing officials who anticipate no
decent means of support as they wander into the
unknown. The national social security and insurance
trust (NASSIT) will be a key player in achieving this
objective. This will run parallel to very stiff
penalties for those found culpable of corrupt
An ethics class will be incorporated into the national
curriculum starting from primary school. This is no
gimmick folks. The goal is to educate youth about the
need to be honest citizens, morally upright, and
foster a collective civic responsibility for the next
generation. This is a social solution from early
childhood to a social and economic menace that is
eating away our potential to develop as a sovereign
nation.  That sovereignty or what is left of it is
outsourced to the goodwill of stakeholders. Hence, he
who pays the piper chooses the tune!
The crux of the matter is the goodwill that is meant
to lift this nation from the abyss is being used and
abused by some for self-serving purposes. Reason why
this issue is no longer just a menace or anti-social
behavior wherever it occurs. Matter-of-factly, it has
contributed to our under-development. It is thwarting
and stunting our development and deserves to be
treated as a national security problem just as the war
did. It impinges on the national interest, period!


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