Defence Minister Palor Conteh : We remain focussed on our Agenda For Change in Sierra Leone

Published on February 6, 2011 

Sierra Leone’s Minister of Defence, Hon. Alfred Palor Conteh , told COCORIOKO  this morning that he and the Government remained focussed on President Ernest Bai Koroma ‘s Agenda For Change, which is designed to better the lives of the Sierra Leonean people . The Minister noted that the government was not prepared to engage in any distractions.

The Minister spoke to COCORIOKO  from Nyala , Darfur in the Sudan . “I left Freetown for Sudan on Thursday and I arrived in Nyala, Darfur this morning. I will be back in town on Sun 13 Feb…”, the Minister emphasized.

The minister was so busy with weighty matters of state  and efforts to positively change the lives of the  Sierra Leonean people that he had not even had any time to read the latest nonsense from some errant  and idle U.S. diplomats running their mouths about African matters they knew nothing about in the so-called Wilkileaks revelations.

While President Koroma and government officials were enduring sleepless nights to bring socio-economic and political relief to the prople, some U.S. diplomats were busy communicating lies, misinformation and disinformation to their capital , based on their own biased assessments and unsubstantiated rumours.

Last week, the British newspaper, the DAILY TELEGRAPH , published  another of the lies exposed by Wilkileak . Reported the paper :

In August, 2009, a secret cable from the US embassy in Freetown reported “deep corruption” within Sierra Leone’s defence ministry, “primarily through pocketing of enlisted members’ salaries”.

June Carter Perry, the US ambassador, wrote: “The British envoy revealed that the GoSL (Government of Sierra Leone) demanded a $4 million [£2.46million] contribution from the UK for the Ministry of Defense to support peacekeeping.

“Upon examination, the British discovered that half of the funds were for the personal use of the minister [Palo Conteh] and top brass. Items such as 36 plasma TVs and hunting rifles for the minister’s own use were included.”

The Editor-In-Chief of the Sierra Leone DAILY MAIL, Mr. Foday Morris, commented : “Those cables are rubbish!  They are the one sided opinion of a diplomat.  Let stop treating the words of Western diplomats as gospel.  They are sometimes very vindictive……There is proof that some of he Wikileak documents were fake and and information rendedered in most of them were fabricated lies against governments of the worlds,  This why all governments are angry that such information revealed.   The diplomats rendered opinions they did not substantiate.  In some instances, for example in Sierra Leone they were getting false information from opposition party members as early as 2008. There informants were mostly disgruntled SLPP members of the press and civil society who had lost elections the previous year…..The minister of defence is not a stupid man that would expose himself so foolishly. Under the transformational leadership of President Koroma he would have been relieved of his duties long time ago.  We know why the minister’s  name ended up on theso called Wikeileak documents.  No matter how much is fabricated against the pillars of the current administration, we will not be distracted.”

Minister Palor Conteh will respond appropriately to the lies and wicked distortions in the Wilkileak cables when he returns to Sierra Leone. For now, he is very busy with what the Ernest Koroma Government does best—Promoting the welfare of the Sierra Leonean people .

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