Emerson has the mindset of the unprogressive Sierra Leonean who believes he must just criticize and do nothing to help develop his country


Every society has a generous dose of them —Those listless, unappreciative,  disgruntled , forlorn ,  negative individuals sitting in their armchairs whole day doing nothing to help move the world forward , always thinking that the world owes them everything and just criticizing , criticizing, criticizing and finding unnecessary faults with the efforts of those sacrificing to make the world a better place .

The Emersons are the very reason that Sierra Leone has not progressed much as a nation since Independence 55 years ago,  because instead of contributing their quota to national development, all they do whole day is wine, dine and womanize , whine  and grine and complain and trash the endeavours of those who would make their country a strong and progressive nation.

Emerson is a replica of the archetypal Sierra Leonean arm-chair critic, who is full of negativity and backward thinking  and excels at pouring a wet blanket on all the achievements of others. We have so many of them in America, marooned between what they would have loved to be in the U.S. and what they failed to achieve in Sierra Leone. And they are the ones supporting Emerson in his perversity against the President Ernest Koroma government.



Emerson’s latest song , MUNKU BUSS PAN MATCHES  sounds better than his previous controversial release  , YESTERDAY BETTEH PASS TIDAY,  but in terms of value it belongs to the same genre of self-depreciating , tasteless and mediocre music the artist has taken delight in now–Politically motivated and designed to discourage the efforts of President Ernest Koroma.

Emerson, the pro-opposition politician masquerading as a rapper,  has made it his avowed duty to always find faults with this All People’s Congress ( APC ) since it came to power in 2007. Nothing that this government has done, including taking socio-economic and political developments to Emerson’s own backyard, his home district and town — has ever pleased him. He places heavy burdens of unrealistic expectations on the shoulders of this government, but what has he done to help alleviate them ?It is the duty of every responsible citizen to help develop his country. National development is not the duty of the President and the Government alone. Every citizen has to provide his/her own quantum and quota of national development. That is how great nations are built.

When Ebola struck Sierra Leone, Emerson did nothing to help raise funds for those who were suffering .  While many Liberian, Guinean and some Sierra Leonean musicians were busy traversing the length and breadth of their country helping to sensitize and educate their people, where was Emerson ?

As far as Emerson is concerned , his duty as a citizen is not to render any patriotic duty to his country. And why not ? The politicians manipulating and using him to sing against the government have never rendered any patriotic duty to our nation. They spent 11 years in power and left no enduring legacy, only the dishonorable distinction for Sierra Leone as the poorest nation on earth as well as the darkest country in the world. Instead of appreciating what President Koroma has done to transform the country and change things or the better , Emerson prefers to be the pawn of discredited and useless politicians who use him as a musical artist to release satiric songs every now and again against this government. What a shame.

But Emerson and those using him to try discouraging President Koroma will never succeed.

President Koroma remains  very steadfast in doing  what it takes to improve the welfare of the people since he came to power—He has built roads, bridges , schools, clinics and magnificent buildings and changed the face of the once stone age Sierra Leone. President Koroma has improving farming and boosted Sierra Leone’s food security program. He is right now putting back all the traffic lights we lost in the city through the war. There are still many challenges but at least, the President is working very hard to address these challenges.

What Emerson’s political masters should have told him is that  President Koroma cannot do everything for Sierra Leone. No President ever did everything for his people, even in the rich and great industrialized countries, but one thing any honest Sierra Leonean will admit is that President Koroma has exceeded expectations. From his achievements, he has proved to be the best President we have ever had in Sierra Leone. If other Presidents after him do the same, Sierra Leone will then become a great nation in the long run. CONTINUITY builds a nation.

We do not expect Emerson to acknowledge this fact because he is a pawn in the hands of unprogressive opposition politicians who have never acknowledged anything the President has ever done.

Enerson’s lyrics did not reflect the true story about what President Koroma has done for our nation. There have been far more than just road construction in Sierra Leone. Every aspect of national development has been touched by the President.

One of the undeniable facts APC  supporters will always relish and remain very proud of  is that their government has done far more than Emerson’s SLPP  masters ever did for Sierra Leone

May be, that is why we the munkus must continue to scratch the matches to provide light for the blind zealots like Emerson who need to see beyond their noses that the APC  is always far better than the SLPP in the art of providing socio-economic and political developments in Sierra Leone.

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