Former VP Sam Sumana reconciles with Ex-President Koroma , paving way for possible return to APC

By Alimamy Kamara

*Former Vice President of Sierra Leone Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana is gearing up for a return to the Indomitable APC party. Chief Sam Sumana is now set to make his formal advisory of intent having completed his consultation amongst critical stakeholders of his C4C party. It’s so refreshing seeing him making a formal visit to his former boss, and political godfather Former president Ernest Bai Koroma at his Makeni resident (after God, it was Former President KOROMA and the APC made Chief Sam Sumana who he is today).*

Even though the two have endured a frosty relationship following allegations of disloyalty on the part of Sam Sumana while serving as Vice President… However, all these seem to have been laid to rest following moves to have both men buried the hatchet in the interest of the APC party and our nation… As it were, neither EBK nor Sam Sumana is happy with the state of affairs in our country Sierra Leone under this new misdirection administration. At every public fora, both men continue to sermonise on the need to bring on board a new leadership personified by a Presidential candidate that is a battle tester to see the APC party win the 2023 general elections.

Besides this public visit, Chief Sam Sumana was said to have met with former President EBK at an undisclosed location somewhere in the West Coast of Africa with fresh talks set to continue… They’re formally closing ranks and forge a common front to tackle the unpopular SLPP in 2023.. Who knows Chief Sam Sumana may be on the driving seat to secure the ticket of the APC party for the big test; having failed to realise his ambition since quitting public office in 2015… An idea APC party loyalists/supporters/sympathizers says they’re ready to embrace in the overall interest of The APC party, our nation and our people. Sierra Leone deserves more better than what we’re seeing right now….

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