Goodwill Ambassador Isatu Timbo-Nwokedi donates to Sierra Leone



By Judge Sankoh

Sierra Leone GoodWill Ambassador in the United States, Madam Isatu Timbo Nwokedi has donated food and non-food items to the people of Rokulan Tendaren and other communities in Bombali district in Sierra Leone.

The donation which took place on 14th May this year is to help the people, especially the less privileged in the fasting period.
It is also a way of lessening the Coronavirus impact on livelihoods, and to add weight to the campaign against the virus in Sierra Leone.
The donated items which include 150 bags of rice 44 veronica buckets, 4 cartons of soap among other items run into millions of Leones.

Several towns and villages including Gbanti-Kmaranka, Moronkor, ForoLoko, Makarankay among other towns benefitted from the donations for which they are grateful and appreciative.
Several police check points including Konsoh, Masiaka checkpoints and many others including Mile 38 checkpoint, the country’s main city checkpoint were not left out in the spree of donations made by the Good Will Ambassador.

The have-nots and the less privileged are the targets of the ambassador’s donation.
While handing over the items, Madam Isatu Nwokedi told the beneficiaries that the donation was meant to lessen the impact of COVID-19 on the people.

She also described the donation as a manifestation of her love, care and humanitarian concerns for the people in her home town in particular and the country in general.
“I hope the donation would go a long way to cushion the impact of livelihood the Coronavirus Disease will have on the people,” she said.
Receiving the items, the elated beneficiaries commended the Good Will Ambassador for such a gesture.
Many of them speak in complete unison by describing the donation as timely. According to most of the beneficiaries, the donation comes at a time of great need as the COVID-19 lingers.
One of the beneficiaries, a village elder in ForoLoko, Pa Santigie Kamara commended and showered blessings on Madam Isatu Timbo for helping them in a such a dire period.
“We the people of ForoLoko know very well that Madam Isatu Jalloh is with us all the time although he lives abroad,” Pa Kamara said.

He also expressed hope that the Good Will Ambassador would continue to make more donations to them.
“This is not the first time the ambassador has made such donation to the people of our communities,” he said.
The beneficiaries further appealed to the donor, Madam Isatu Timbo to make more donations to them.
“ We cannot count your kindness to us, and we hope to see more donations in the future,” one of the beneficiaries appealed.
Almost invariably, few police officers who benefitted from the donations were ecstatic. They praised madam Isatu Timbo for her magnanimity referring to her as a patriotic Sierra Leonean.
The donation to Rokulan Tendaren and other communities is not the first. The donation has been preceded by a number of donations for which Madam Isatu Timbo has won the love, respect and admiration of the people in Sierra Leone.
Madam Isatu Timbo has been assisting the communities with drugs, wearings among others.
Similarly, she has also tremendously improved education in Sierra Leone by offering scholarship opportunities to deserving students in various tertiary institutions in Sierra Leone.
In no uncertain terms, today’s beneficiaries of Madam Tambo’s scholarship schemes are Sierra Leone’s national builders tomorrow.

The Good Will Ambassador also showed her magnanimity to the people of Sierra Leone When Ebola Virus Disease struck in May, 2014.
The Ebola period was definitely a trying time in the country’s history, and Madam Isatu Timbo stood by the people when she shipped containers of drugs and other essential items to make herself relevant to the Sierra Leonean society.
Madam Timbo’s good will gestures she has made to the less privileged have endeared her to quite a good number of communities, and made a her name an household one in Sierra Leone.
The beneficiaries remain forever remain grateful to her.


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